The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,392 - May 8 2015

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Clues Answers
Axe for old lady to sell TOMAHAWK
Beginning game, I'm hugged by lady with dictionary RUDIMENT
Blair sees troops in good health ORWELL
By instalments, fine assumes trust, I see ONTICK
Conservative's shock conduct CHAIR
Criminal or not, did they double-cross? DOTHEDIRTYON
Deliriously happy person is calling from them? PAYPHONES
Dwarf who drove a buggy around back of circus OVERSHADOW
Green energy's failure to keep working ECONUT
Is about ready to drop English cloth trade SIMONY
Israeli city maps are needed in North NAZARETH
Left the pits, right? LAWFUL
Lover runs rings round me ROMEO
Clues Answers
Minister, perhaps unorthodox priest, nearby PRESBYTERIAN
Mo Farah's first cat FLASH
Most of the parts to test available for three races TRIATHLON
Motorway access from Petticoat Lane? SLIPROAD
My boy carries explosive collected with this? COOLHEAD
Opponents to capture after old battle THEALAMO
Parisian airport links for Lyon ORLY
Politician starts to exploit usual caper EuroMP
Recalled funny story SAGA
Reveal a little bit in conversation ANNOUNCE
Simple accommodation? One books into dive first IDIOTPROOF
Stir fried, too hot TODIEFOR
Treatment player has, yet still is out initially PHYSIO
Weak sunshine over cover PALLID