Universal - May 6 2015

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Clues Answers
"Step ___!" ONIT
"___ we forget ..." LEST
Alternative to a convertible SEDAN
Animal in a roundup STEER
Archaeological site RUIN
Artist Chagall MARC
Astute SHARP
Back of the boat ASTERN
Be a suitor WOO
Belief in one causal principle MONISM
Big blow GALE
Blowgun ammo DART
Border VERGE
Break in relations RIFT
Butcher's scraps OFFAL
Certain Arabian Peninsula native OMANI
Certain something AURA
Chest material CEDAR
Cinematic rat BEN
City on the Arkansas River TULSA
Communicate silently SIGN
Dead south minus 135 degrees ENE
Devoted LOYAL
Do a clerical job ADMINISTERRITES
Dove into third SLID
Drivel BILGE
Elaborate banquet FEAST
Emotional pang TWINGE
Encircle with a band GIRD
Encounter with the law RUNIN
Ending with "hard" or "soft" WARE
Expire DIE
Express dissent OBJECT
Eyelid protuberance STYE
Famed biblical trio MAGI
Clues Answers
Gallery display ART
Historic periods ERAS
Holds up ROBS
Hop, skip or jump, e.g VERB
Isn't serious JESTS
It might make you sick GERM
It signifies approval SEAL
Kind of surgery ORAL
Large bird dog, briefly SETTER
Lean on the horn BLARE
Life of Riley EASE
Many millennia make one EON
Meager SLIM
Mechanical being ROBOT
No longer a minor ADULT
Nugent and Danson TEDS
On the safe side? ALEE
Passionate AVID
Pharmaceuticals overseer, briefly FDA
Prefix with "phone" MEGA
Roundabout INDIRECT
Rub the wrong way RILE
Send out EMIT
Shade-providing trees ELMS
Shampoo bottle word RINSE
Small bit FLECK
Small coin NICKEL
Small rivulet RILL
They make frequent stops UPS
Thick reference book TOME
Thin narrow groove STRIA
Walloped, old-style SMOTE
Wharton's Frome ETHAN
Willow OSIER
With the level bubble dead-center EVEN