- May 4 2015

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Clues Answers
''Golly!'' GEE
''Lord of the Rings'' hero FRODO
''So what __ is new?'' ELSE
Absorbent kitchen cleaner SPONGE
All finished DONE
Alternative offer COUNTERPROPOSAL
An hour after noon ONE
Apple tablet computer IPAD
Approximately ORSO
Army one-striper: Abbr PFC
Astounds STUNS
Became angry GOTMAD
Bricklayer MASON
Campsite heat source FIRE
Celebrity poster PINUP
Chicago airport OHARE
City near Orlando OCALA
Clear-skies forecast FAIR
Close again, as an envelope RESEAL
Corporate symbol LOGO
Darn, as socks MEND
Declare untrue DENY
Desert flora CACTI
Difficult HARD
Driver's licenses and such: Abbr IDS
Environmentally friendly prefix ECO
Equipped for battle ARMED
Eyeglass frames RIMS
Female choir voice ALTO
Fixes, as a fight RIGS
Flower or shrub PLANT
Fly by oneself SOLO
French cap BERET
Fuel-economy figure: Abbr MPG
German auto AUDI
Get married WED
Group of Girl Scouts TROOP
Insurance brokers AGENTS
Clues Answers
Jury member PEER
Keogh plan alternative IRA
Kindergarten adhesive PASTE
Location SITE
Lose color FADE
March 17 honoree, for short STPAT
Maximum road speed LIMIT
Merest amount IOTA
Midterm or final EXAM
Molecule part ATOM
Mural or statue ART
Office-chair wheel CASTER
Outer boundary EDGE
Piano technician TUNER
Racecourse TRACK
Rod between a car's wheels AXLE
Rowboat paddles OARS
Score one point, in basketball SINKAFREETHROW
Secret writing CODE
Short-lived trend FAD
Sis' sibling BRO
Slip-on shoe LOAFER
Snooty person SNOB
So all can hear ALOUD
Spooky EERIE
State east of New Hampshire MAINE
Strong winds GALES
Take a breather REST
Take the lid off OPEN
Talk back to SASS
Tooth filler's degree: Abbr DDS
Type of White House conference CABINETMEETING
Unusual ODD
Very much ALOT
Voice-mail signal TONE
Wide belt SASH
Work crew GANG
Wrinkle-removing appliance IRON
__ in ''Saturday'' SAS