Irish Times (Simplex) - May 2 2015

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Clues Answers
Abstain, refrain DESIST
Bottles with stoppers, for serving wine or water DECANTERS
Discuss the terms of an arrangement NEGOTIATE
Dodge, duck ELUDE
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Hand tools for boring holes AUGERS
Hang back, waste time DAWDLE
Historically a Jewish village in eastern Europe SHTETL
Innocent or unsophisticated NAIVE
Kind, likeable DECENT
Liable to change VARIABLE
Lift in the US ELEVATOR
Made a mistake ERRED
Member of the clergy attached to an institution CHAPLAIN
Obscure, difficult to understand ABSTRUSE
One's sense of self-importance EGO
Pull along behind TOW
Pulled up a 29 down SAT
Clues Answers
Quick look GLANCE
Religious paintings or computer symbols ICONS
Set free, discharged RELEASED
Sharp hooked claw TALON
Short accounts of incidents ANECDOTES
Slender woody shoots TWIGS
Snooker stick CUE
Spotting, espying SIGHTING
State categorically ASSERT
Strong or effective POTENT
Tortillas folded around a filling BURRITOS
Travel document PASSPORT
West African republic GHANA
Where one road meets another at a right angle but doesn't cross it TJUNCTION
Withdraw formally from membership SECEDE
Woody tropical grass BAMBOO