- May 1 2015

Clues Answers
''Aeneid'' setting TROY
''Magic Flute'' piece ARIA
Band box AMP
Barker nodding off? SLEEPINGCARNY
Basis of ''Rent'' LABOHEME
Buffoonery ANTICS
Commando weapons UZIS
Confusing pattern MAZE
Emitted, with ''forth'' SENT
Ending for slip or rough SHOD
Entr?e often baked ZITI
Evening star VESPER
Exceedingly EVERSO
Foretoken OMEN
Frat letter TAU
Frustration exclamation DARN
Greek sorcery goddess HECATE
Happening EVENT
In stitches SEWN
In the mood UPTOIT
In-flight info ETA
Intel chip rival NEC
Introduction to sociology ESS
It means ''and the rest'' ETC
Its website has a DoctorFinder AMA
Jabber YAP
Japanese beef center KOBE
Karaoke liability TINEAR
King Cole request PIPE
Lack of vigor ANEMIA
Like Gen. Powell RET
Major work OPUS
Most recent NEWEST
Muck up ERR
NHL team TOR
Org. in Ludlum novels CIA
Overcome BEST
Part of a hull KEEL
Physical extent SIZE
Clues Answers
Poetic adverb ANON
Polished off EATEN
Portugal's pre-euro money ESCUDO
Promotional activity SPIN
Prompt on stage CUE
Real estate abbr BDRM
Really angry rabbit? HOTCROSSBUNNY
Recordings making a comeback LPS
Requite AVENGE
Rigging support MAST
Runner with a binding SKI
Say in a postscript ADD
Setting SITE
Shangri-la EDEN
Shoulder shielder SHAWL
Solemn promise IDO
Start to wilt DROOP
Strong refusal NOSIR
Superficial appearance VENEER
Sweet Potato Awareness Mo NOV
Thickset STOCKY
Titularly INNAME
Toon bartender MOE
Train of thought TENOR
Tuning-fork twosome PRONGS
Turn bad ROT
Twice-daily riser TIDE
Undercover operation STING
Very dry ARID
Victimized PREYEDON
Vulture cousin CONDOR
What clippers are called HER
What some chins have CLEFTS
What surrounds Cyprus SEA
Winter comment BRR
Wool-coat owner EWE
Zack who directed ''Man of Steel'' SNYDER