- Apr 29 2015

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Clues Answers
''For Pete's __!'' SAKE
''Hey, over here!'' PSST
''This is terrible!'' OHNO
''Wizard of Oz'' dog TOTO
A few SOME
A whole bunch LOTS
Always, in poetry EER
Banned insecticide DDT
Belly muscles ABS
Biblical boat ARK
Charles Darwin's occupation NATURALIST
Churn up ROIL
Cleveland's locale OHIO
Commercial on the tube TVAD
Compound conjunction ANDOR
Contralto's solo ARIA
Cowboy's rope LASSO
Dog-biting bug FLEA
Driveway material TAR
Elevate RAISE
Espresso with milk LATTE
Evaluate RATE
Feature of some cell-phone plans ROLLOVERMINUTES
Food takeout order TOGO
Fork prongs TINES
Formed a spiral COILED
Former soldiers, for short VETS
French film festival city CANNES
From Bangkok THAI
Fruit-filled desserts PIES
Give off EMIT
Hardens SETS
Hydrant attachment HOSE
In the lead ONTOP
Ink stains BLOTS
Is durable LASTS
Language suffix ESE
Clues Answers
Like a lot ADORE
Likely (to) APT
Look happy SMILE
Machine that fills dump trucks LOADER
Molecule part ATOM
Name of a book TITLE
Nautical trial run SHAKEDOWNCRUISE
One mailing a letter SENDER
Pack away STOW
Pay-__-view movie PER
Phrase of understanding ISEE
Pie __ mode ALA
Psyche sections EGOS
Pulverize, as potatoes MASH
Raggedy doll ANN
Reduced-price event SALE
Risky business, for short SPEC
Samples of soup SIPS
Ship docks PIERS
Slightest amount IOTA
Solomon, to King David SON
Spirited horse STEED
State east of Nevada UTAH
Steer clear of EVADE
Stopped slouching SATUP
Storage container BIN
Strong point ASSET
Technical sch INST
Texting alternative EMAIL
Throat ailment STREP
Timid MEEK
Tough journey TREK
Two-band, as a radio AMFM
Unable to decide TORN
Vicinities AREAS
What furnaces output HEAT
Wide shoe width EEE
Without a warranty ASIS