L.A. Times Daily - Apr 28 2015

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Clues Answers
"Another card, dealer" HITME
"Jeopardy!" creator Griffin MERV
"Legion of the Damned" series writer William DIETZ
"Mazel __!" TOV
"That's enough!" STOPIT
"The Maltese Falcon" novelist HAMMETT
"The more you know" TV ads, e.g PSAS
"The __ of the Mohicans" LAST
'Vette roof option TTOP
Actress Thurman UMA
Airport security indignity STRIPSEARCH
Animal skins PELTS
Attack, to Rover SIC
Auto financing abbr APR
Aware of HIPTO
Bed support SLAT
Bic filler INK
Biology lab gel AGAR
Blue jay or oriole BIRD
Bon __: witticism MOT
Boxing immortal ALI
Bruin legend Bobby ORR
Builds up AMASSES
Charlottesville sch UVA
Choir voice ALTO
Citizens under Caesar ROMANS
Colorful tank fish TETRA
Construction site headgear HARDHAT
Controversial Nixon records TAPES
Cranky state SNIT
Crooner Perry COMO
Disgusting GROSS
Diva's big moment OPERASOLO
Don of morning radio IMUS
Down in the dumps SAD
Elaborate display ECLAT
Emotionally expressive, as poetry LYRIC
Fair-hiring abbr EOE
Clues Answers
Fashion's Oscar __ Renta DELA
Father of Cain and Abel ADAM
Firefighter's tool AXE
Flair ELAN
Flour packaging PAPERSACK
Get started, as a grill FIREUP
Greek god of war ARES
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Meg of "You've Got Mail" RYAN
Metal fastener RIVET
Mo. with the shortest day of the year DEC
Narc's find, briefly PCP
Naughty kid BRAT
Newspaper sales no CIRC
NFL Network talk show host Rich EISEN
Niagara __ FALLS
Olds model ALERO
One with a devious plan SCHEMER
One-eighty UTURN
OPEC commodity OIL
Pocketful of coins, and what literally occurs in the circled letters in five puzzle answers SPARECHANGE
Pure joy ECSTASY
Quaint dagger DIRK
Region beyond our atmosphere OUTERSPACE
Repetitive learning ROTE
Sharp KEEN
Short film role CAMEO
Showy flower PEONY
Social gathering at a home HOUSEPARTY
Sparkle GLEAM
Summary on a timecard: Abbr HRS
Technique-mastering piano piece ETUDE
Tennessee senator Alexander LAMAR
The "A" in "CAT scan" AXIAL
The D-backs, on scoreboards ARI
Thick-furred dog SPITZ
Tricked by a scam ROPEDIN
__ v. Wade ROE