Universal - Dec 8 2007

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Clues Answers
''Come ___?'' AGAIN
''Constant Craving'' singer KDLANG
''I don't think so'' NAH
''Tattered Tom'' author ALGER
''The Art of Fugue'' composer BACH
Abstract composer Satie ERIK
Albanian coin LEK
Anthony Burgess novel (with ''A'') CLOCKWORKORANGE
Architect's offering PLAN
At what time WHEN
Banned apple spray ALAR
Be cautious about calories WATCHONESWEIGHT
Beauty parlor procedure RINSE
Bicuspid part ROOT
Biological remake CLONE
Boutonniere FLOWER
Caravan pit stop OASIS
Center of a blowout, sometimes KEG
Chick's sound PEEP
Citrus fruit variety UGLI
Complete collection SET
Desperado hunters POSSE
Elevator innovator Elisha OTIS
Even the best teams need a little of it LUCK
Expression of pride? ROAR
Ferber of fiction EDNA
First O TIC
Fleeced SHORN
Fly in a flock, as of wild geese FLIGHT
Grayish in hue ASHEN
Highly collectible RARE
Honey bunch? BEES
Horsewhip FLOG
Inheritance of the meek EARTH
Irascible EDGY
It commonly gets noticed HOURGLASSFIGURE
Kind of ray MANTA
Leave slack-jawed AWE
Clues Answers
Liqueur flavoring ANISE
Loch of note NESS
Make tracks FLEE
Mamie's man IKE
Matured, like wine AGED
Merchandise WARES
Most of the Iberian Peninsula SPAIN
Normandy battle site STLO
Oliver Twist, e.g. WAIF
One of the Great ones ERIE
One place for hay LOFT
Ovid's X's TENS
Part of a combo BASS
Pick up the tab TREAT
Play first with Goren OPEN
Rake over the coals SCOLD
Reason to anchor quickly LEESHORE
River crosser FERRY
Sandpapery ROUGH
Sharp as a tack KEEN
She was Lola in ''Damn Yankees'' GWEN
Shrek, e.g. OGRE
Simoleons BUCKS
Skull-and-crossbones stuff POISON
Slippery-eel link ASAN
Small building block LEGO
Tear apart REND
Tossed over the shoulder SLUNG
Twain hero SAWYER
Unit of force DYNE
Unpaid debt ARREAR
Valerie Harper title role RHODA
Venerable one ELDER
Volcano near Palermo ETNA
What some beach loungers do OGLE
White Rabbit's cry IMLATE
Zilch NIL
___ about (circa) ONOR