The Telegraph - General Knowledge - Apr 5 2015

Clues Answers
-- Perrow, arboretum near Bedale in North Yorkshire THORP
Accordion-based music from Louisiana ZYDECO
As different as possible WORLDSAPART
Biblical name for the land of Israel (Isaiah 62:4) BEULAH
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Devastating setback WHAMMY
Famous forest in Nottinghamshire SHERWOOD
Fibre used in sack-making JUTE
Ground mixed spices including turmeric, cumin, cloves, coriander, etc CURRYPOWDER
Having a keenly alert mind QUICKWITTED
Herr -- Flick, local Gestapo chief in ''Allo 'Allo' OTTO
Hook-beaked stuntman and trumpeter in 'The Muppet Show' GONZO
Italian mountain troops ALPINI
Large German sausage WURST
Low mean wretch, one who is playfully mischievous RAPSCALLION
Mary --, American novelist, author of 'The Groves of Academe' MCCARTHY
Clues Answers
Medium dry, light-coloured sherry AMONTILLADO
Mountain range in the Balkans DINARICALPS
Peninsula in south-west Europe IBERIA
Plant of the primrose family LOOSESTRIFE
Pope's representative in minor courts INTERNUNCIO
Process of casting feathers MOULT
Relating to part of the iris of the eye UVEAL
River between Newcastle and Gateshead TYNE
Roman noblewoman, daughter of the emperor Augustus 39BC-14AD JULIA
Russian secret police from 1923 to 1934 OGPU
Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander --, West Indian batsman RICHARDS
Small breed of Irish cattle DEXTER
Small, mischievous and charming ELFIN
Too old, over the hill PASTIT
Tortilla chip flavoured with chilli NACHO
With either left or right facing forwards SIDEON