Wall Street Journal - Apr 17 2015 - April 17, 2015 - Crossbreeds

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Clues Answers
'Did my heart love till now?' asker ROMEO
'If ___ be so bold...' IMAY
'Make more happen' advertiser STAPLES
'The Corsican Brothers' author DUMAS
'The Fife Player' and 'Olympia' MANETS
1946 Alan Ladd film OSS
1982 role for Meryl SOPHIE
1988 music-centric film set in Japan TOKYOPOP
Abroad, perhaps ONATRIP
Adam Smith, for one SCOT
Adventure novel set in the lost city of Kor SHE
America's first multimillionaire ASTOR
Anglers' baskets CREELS
Area between the shoulders ROAD
Ball honoree, for short DEB
Bananarama singer Fahey SIOBHAN
Become disenchanted SOUR
Begetting SIRING
Bird with a booming call EMU
Bovine's fear of the Kremlin? MOSCOWARDICE
Burden for Marley's ghost CHAIN
Burgess's 'Of Mice and Men' co-star LON
Burro's fitting together of navigational instruments? COMPASSEMBLY
Burrowing mammal's microscopic bit of party dip? GUACAMOLECULE
Business that produces sweaters SPA
Buttonhole ACCOST
Caesar's partner COCA
Can't do without NEEDS
Card's quality WIT
Carousing ONASPREE
Causes of crashes PANICS
Changes, as district lines REDRAWS
Chevalier song MIMI
Chicago paper, informally TRIB
Chrysler touted by Ricardo Montalban CORDOBA
Clinton's first secretary of defense ASPIN
Clothes woes RIPS
Collectible sheet CEL
Comes to TOTALS
Comprehension GRASP
Considers judicially HEARS
County southwest of London SURREY
Covetable to collectors RARE
Criminal BAD
Cut, in a way EDITOUT
Debate side PRO
Diamond, to Mohs TEN
Dispirited LOW
Doctor's rotation? SPIN
Dutch oven part LID
Egyptian vipers ASPS
Entrepreneurial assets IDEAS
Exhibits petulance WHINES
Export from 50-Down TEA
Father's celebration MASS
Feline's twin-hulled boats from an Arabian port? MUSCATAMARANS
Financial vulnerability EXPOSURE
Fire up ROUSE
First-rate TIPTOP
Flush beater FULLHOUSE
Flying mammal's loungewear for gymnasts? ACROBATHROBE
Foot-stamping dances BOLEROS
Freeway divisions LANES
Game that traditionally uses 80 balls KENO
GM cars of the 1990s GEOS
Goal END
God-fearing DEVOUT
Grand Canyon viewing area RIM
Clues Answers
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Hefty herbivores RHINOS
Hides from wild animals PELTS
Hubert's successor SPIRO
In the past BEFORE
Island shared by three nations BORNEO
It typically holds 124 pints KEG
Jealous goddess HERA
Kept in custody HELD
Kind of capital SEED
King succeeded by David SAUL
Knock on the noggin BONK
Lagomorph's rooms for women co-owned by others? TIMESHAREMS
Lighter fill BUTANE
Like the Ger. 'der' MASC
London's prov ONT
Madeira Isl. surroundings ATL
Many are spoiled rotten PETS
Matching SAME
Meet heat RACE
Mellow RIPEN
Newsletter ornamentation CLIPART
One in a pier group PILING
One, to Juan UNO
Oranjestad native ARUBAN
Org. with many schedules IRS
Orion's capital OMEGA
Overly glib PAT
Parachute part CANOPY
Parental warning IMEANIT
Patch up MEND
Patisserie worker ICER
Peek follow-up ABOO
Phaser setting STUN
Pixar's Luxo Jr., for one DESKLAMP
Plishka and Pinza BASSI
Pontiac muscle car GTO
Poppins player ANDREWS
Power, in Latin VIS
Preliminary sketches ROUGHS
President Rouhani's nation IRAN
Pretentious attitude AIRS
Rap sheet letters AKA
Refrains from singing CHORUSES
Rodent's appraisal of a blue stater? DEMOCRATING
Romantic impediment, perhaps AGEGAP
Scrambled wd ANAG
Scuffles MELEES
See 62-Across BRAN
Serpentine shape ESS
Simian's mountain peaks in a scenic painting? LANDSCAPEXES
Sink sight STOPPER
Societal problems ILLS
Spectacles supporter NOSE
Stable division STALL
State in the Brahmaputra Valley ASSAM
Sticky stuff GOOP
Submit, as homework HANDIN
Sushi fish HAMACHI
Tailgating fare BRATS
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Toothpaste brand with a ProNamel line SENSODYNE
Towel embroidery HIS
Trooper's request LICENSE
Was furtive SNEAKED
With 43-Down, muffin base OAT