New York Times - Apr 11 2015

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Clues Answers
'Love, ___' (1979 Bel Kaufman novel) ETC
'Under a Glass Bell' writer NIN
1990s collectible POG
54-Down's co-star in 'The Forbidden Kingdom' JETLI
Allegheny River city OLEAN
Antipathetic LOATH
Bandar ___ Begawan (Brunei's capital) SERI
Big letters in bowling alleys AMF
Blueprint additions ELLS
Boardwalk cooler ITALIANICE
Borrowing bargains NOINTERESTLOANS
Cats with very fine short fur REXES
Cause of a new wrinkle AGE
Checks for letters RENTS
Chicken preference? BEATINGARETREAT
Chief John Duncan, e.g UTE
Computer hookup? EDATE
Corroborated ATTESTEDTO
Counter intelligence? SALESASSISTANTS
D.C.-based news inits UPI
Daphne du Maurier, e.g DAME
Dead-tree PRINT
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Edna St. Vincent Millay, notably Sonneteers
Falls for it BITES
Female hamster DOE
Firm cheese? CEO
Fitting entertainment at an arcade? TETRIS
Flag in a garden IRIS
Flower parts that open to release their contents ANTHERS
Food on a stick SATAY
General store? CANTEEN
Guard dog's quarry TRESPASSER
Having five sharps INB
Clues Answers
He struck Caesar 'like a cur' CASCA
Headwinds often push them back, briefly ETAS
It's 'sim' in São Paulo YES
Japanese for 'finger pressure' SHIATSU
Jungle swinger? AXE
Leader for a time? ONEAT
Like many 911 calls FRANTIC
Like some rugs and egg whites HANDBEATEN
Little ___ UNS
Mauritian money RUPEE
Move like a fly ARC
On no occasions, to Nietzsche NIE
One bit ATALL
One getting the show on the road? CARANTENNA
Opportune PAT
Perfume providing an accent? ESTEE
Planning UPTO
Port alternative MADEIRA
Prefix with phobia XENO
Recalled not fondly RUED
Renowned 1920s raider ELIOTNESS
Respectful appeal PLEASESIR
Rule ending in 1947 RAJ
See 3-Down CHAN
Sign of destitution RAGS
Some xerophiles CACTI
Something to upload or uphold IMAGE
Sources of some state funds LOTTOS
They got grounded after streaking SSTS
Whammy HEX
What parades may necessitate ALTERNATEROUTES
Wind up with NET
Word on two Monopoly squares TAX