USA Today - Apr 11 2015

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Clues Answers
"Just the facts, ___" MAAM
"Ma! He's Making Eyes ___" ATME
"The Killing Fields" Oscar winner ___ S. Ngor HAING
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" villain Simon LEGREE
"You're something ___!" ELSE
"___ all, folks!" THATS
"___ was in the beginning . . ." ASIT
1,760 yards MILE
About 26,000 square miles of Asia, once ARALSEA
Aoki of golf ISAO
Apostles' count + irate husbands TWELVEANGRYMEN
Artemis' brother + baker's dozen APOLLOTHIRTEEN
Barge ___ (interrupt) INON
Beat it FLEE
Certain military camp + magazine STALAGSEVENTEEN
Chip enhancer SALSA
Chooses OPTS
Classic TV witch SAMANTHA
College World Series site OMAHA
Cologne article EIN
Comic strip coach GILTHORP
Depilatory brand NAIR
Discouraging words NOES
Does routine engine maintenance OILS
Douglas and Alexander HAIGS
Dr. with seven faces LAO
East ___ Alto, California PALO
Favorable review RAVE
Fen-___ (controversial diet drug combo) PHEN
Film in which Dustin was Dorothy TOOTSIE
First name among noted architects EERO
Give permission to ALLOW
Hereditary rulers DYNASTS
It starts after the fourth quarter OVERTIME
Jack Benny's age + stairs THIRTYNINESTEPS
Jack in "Around the World in 80 Days" OAKIE
Clues Answers
Leader in home entertainment? HOST
Legendary actor Davis OSSIE
Liquid rock LAVA
Many a Norwegian king OLAV
Mideast capital SANA
Noted Broadway Prince HAL
Observant OPENEYED
Old dagger SNEE
Orbital points APOGEES
Person with a list DEAN
Phrase in legalese ASTO
Popular shopping venue OUTLET
Pub potable ALE
Punxsutawney celeb PHIL
Quiet companion PEACE
Requirement in some restaurants TIE
Roth plan, for one IRA
Santa ___, California ANA
Satisfy fully SATE
She, in Milan ESSA
Sir Walter Scott character IVANHOE
Something to strike POSE
Spoken for TAKEN
Stumblebums OAFS
Summer games grp IOC
They can be blind DATES
They're part of a really good deal ACES
Tickle pink ELATE
Trout's breathing organ GILL
Type of shot SLAP
What time will do to a wound HEAL
Wooden's fab five UCLA
Word with "red" or "on" ALERT
Worn away EATEN
You can smell it in an ocean's breeze SEASALT
___ Cong VIET