Wall Street Journal - Apr 10 2015 - April 10, 2015 - Parents Are Such Squares

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Clues Answers
'Awesome, dude!' RAD
'Bye Bye Birdie' song KIDS
'Carmina Burana' composer ORFF
'Here You Come Again' singer MRTON
'I'm outta here!' SEEYA
'Lolita' author NABOKOV
'___ Love Her' (Beatles song) ANDI
'___ unrelated note...' ONAN
Active fellow DOER
Added, in adspeak XTRA
Armistice Day mo NOV
Arrival announcement IMHOME
Attire for un vampiro CAPA
Bambi's aunt ENA
Bank panic RUN
Bargain for leniency COMPLEA
Be crawling (with) TEEM
Biblical prophet HOSEA
Big name in chips INTEL
Birthplace of tae kwon do KOREA
Bond, for example AGENT
Books that may be cooked LEDGERS
Boozehound SOT
Brooks Brothers buy TIE
Bus. letter add-ins ENCS
Calypso cousin SKA
Canonized 5th-century pope STLEO
Captain America portrayer Chris EVANS
Celsius, for one SWEDE
Checkout aide BAGGER
Coll. applicants, typically SRS
Contractor's offer BID
Cook quickly SEAR
Corp. money managers CFOS
Counter REBUT
Cramped access area CRAWLSMCE
Cross words SPAT
Cross words QUARREL
Crude assn OPEC
Crunch time for CPAs APR
D-Day transports LSTS
Dangerous canines FANGS
Davis of 'Do the Right Thing' OSSIE
Disney's Pongo or Perdita, e.g DALMTIAN
Docket items CASES
Driving forces LIBIDOS
Driving test component MRALLELMRKING
Duel tool EPEE
Early shows MTINEES
Eight-time winner of the Coty Award BEENE
Emphasis indicator EXCLAMTIONMRK
Enclosures to an ed SAES
Fancy dos SOIREES
Female friend, in the tabloids GALML
Feydeau's '___ in Her Ear' AFLEA
Fish also called slimehead ROUGHY
Flat sound SSSS
Flies over Africa? TSETSES
Follow in one's footsteps RETRACE
Former name on Sleep Train Arena ARCO
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Gobbler in a game MCMAN
Hard cash? COIN
Hardly the heroic type WIMP
He rhymed 'Bronx' with 'thonx' NASH
Hide handler TANNER
Hierarchical chart TREE
Hollywood's 'Man of a Thousand Faces' CHANEY
It may be between here and there NOR
It merged with Mobil in 1999 EXXON
June celebrant GRAD
Clues Answers
Kick out DEPORT
Landlords LEASERS
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Laser pointer battery AAAA
Leader of the pack ALPHAMLE
Leonardo or Raphael OLDMSTER
Like sachets AROMTIC
Lyon king ROI
Market pessimist BEAR
Maryland athlete, for short TERP
Mimic APER
Mine entrance ADIT
Move, in real estate jargon RELO
Muscle Beach display PECS
Narrow valley GLEN
Netflix list QUEUE
Newspapers and television MSSMEDIA
Nice notion IDEE
Notched, as a leaf's edge EROSE
Original FRESH
Outpouring SMTE
Overhead lighting? HALO
Paint can instruction STIR
Parental units? GENES
Parliamentary vote AYE
Pen pals? INMTES
Period of history ERA
Period of history AGE
Players' club TEAM
Plow pioneer DEERE
Poignant TEARFUL
Pointy weapon PIKE
Potvin in the Hockey Hall of Fame DENIS
Predicaments MESSES
Priestess in Bizet's 'The Pearl Fishers' LEILA
Prison weapon SHIV
Pump part HEEL
Recon unit MTROL
Record holders EXCONS
Relax completely, informally VEGOUT
Royal Arabian EMEER
See 75-Down ANA
Sell at a significant markup SCALP
Seminary subject SIN
Set off IGNITE
Sevigny of 'Boys Don't Cry' CHLOE
Show that aired 'Monster Chiller Horror Theater' SCTV
Some brothers FRAS
Soprano Tetrazzini LUISA
Spare tire PAUNCH
Start of a 1950s campaign slogan ILIKE
Sticker letters MSRP
Suffix for defer or refer ENCE
Surrounded by AMID
Sushi selection EEL
Tag, say DEFACE
They may be shot in the open PARS
Title TV role for Zooey Deschanel NEWGIRL
Tolkien's Galadriel, e.g ELF
Tony-winning musical including the song 'Find Your Grail' SPAMLOT
Tooth with gaps between it and its neighbors COG
Training camp figure SMRRINGMRTNER
Triumphs over BESTS
Well-traveled route BEATENMTH
White fur ERMINE
Will of 'Jeremiah Johnson' GEER
Winter hat features EARLAPS
With 73-Across, seat of Orange County SANTA
Zwei cubed ACHT