New York Times - Dec 3 2007

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Clues Answers
'Bonanza' star Greene LORNE
'No Exit' playwright SARTRE
'Not guilty,' for one PLEA
1995 Woody Allen comedy MIGHTYAPHRODITE
2007 film '___ and the Real Girl' LARS
Alda of 'What Women Want' ALAN
Arctic floater BERG
Away from the wind ALEE
Bank robber's job HEIST
Be certain about KNOW
Becomes frayed WEARS
Beethoven specialty SONATA
Bring up, as children REAR
Brit's service discharge DEMOB
Church hymn accompaniers ORGANS
Classic 'Jeopardy!' category POTENTPOTABLES
Cloudburst RAINSTORM
College in New Rochelle, N.Y. IONA
Companionless LONE
Cowboy boot attachment SPUR
Dead duck GONER
Dressed to the ___ NINES
Earthenware jar OLLA
Easily read type LARGEPRINT
Extremity of the earth POLE
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Flies off the handle RAGES
Football's Broadway Joe NAMATH
From days of yore OLDEN
Furry tunneler MOLE
Gird oneself GETSET
Golfer named A.P. Male Athlete of the Year four times TIGERWOODS
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Hand protector MITT
Have a hankering YEARN
Henhouse perch ROOST
Clues Answers
Home of the invaders in Wells's 'The War of the Worlds' MARS
Hydroxyl-carbon compound ENOL
Indian instruments SITARS
Lander at J.F.K., once SST
Madonna title role EVITA
Mail carrier's beat: Abbr. RTE
Memorial designer Maya ___ LIN
Monument carved from a single stone MONOLITH
Nighttime advertising sign, maybe NEONLIGHT
Number before 'ignition ... liftoff!' ONE
Off-road two-wheeler DIRTBIKE
Olympic gymnast Korbut OLGA
Othello's false friend IAGO
Part of a molecule ATOM
Pepsi and RC COLAS
Peri Gilpin's 'Frasier' role ROZ
Pinball foul TILT
Profanity, e.g. STRONGLANGUAGE
Prom night transportation LIMO
Prudential rival AETNA
Pure-and-simple UTTER
Saltine brand ZESTA
Self-pitying cry ALAS
Senior moment, e.g. LAPSE
Settler from a foreign land EMIGRE
Sharif of 'Doctor Zhivago' OMAR
Sheeplike OVINE
Sit behind bars DOTIME
Snaky swimmers EELS
Snowman's eyes COALS
Suffix with meth- ANE
Supply-and-demand subj. ECON
Toothed tools SAWS
White-plumed wader EGRET
Witherspoon of 'Walk the Line' REESE
___ de Lion, epithet for Richard I COEUR