USA Today - Mar 23 2015

Clues Answers
"Blech!" UGH
"Braveheart" star Gibson MEL
"Little Red Book" follower MAOIST
"___ be an honor" ITD
"___ Gotta Be Me" IVE
"____ we forget . . ." (Kipling) LEST
A way to pray or read ALOUD
About-face UTURN
African excursion SAFARI
Afternoon activities in Britain Teabreaks
Airborne ad maker SKYWRITER
Auditory organ EAR
Baby food PAP
Birch craft CANOE
Birdhouse singer WREN
Blossom part SEPAL
Bygone time YORE
Collection of reminiscences ANA
Commando activities RAIDS
Completely opposed DIAMETRIC
Convenient story ALIBI
Curved moldings OGEES
Cut, as coupons SNIP
D.C. dignitary POL
Dec. 24 and 31, e.g EVES
Deciduous ornamental shrub ABELIA
Delicate color variations TINTS
Desert hallucinogen PEYOTE
Durable wood OAK
Earthy yellows OCHERS
Economic rise UPTREND
Element #25 MANGANESE
Emulate Aladdin RUB
Evades, as an issue SKIRTS
Explode, as a balloon BURST
Eyespots on peacock feathers OCELLI
Clues Answers
Fictional work NOVEL
Figure of speech TROPE
Fill with wonder AWE
Full of life ROBUST
Gentlewoman's title MADAM
Glossy SLEEK
Go at a snail's pace CREEP
Go on the warpath, verbally RANT
Golf clubs carrier (var.) CADDIE
Handy bags TOTES
Heavenly reward? PIEINTHESKY
Here-there connector NOR
Hero attachment? INE
Large vessel SHIP
Less spicy MILDER
Light brown BEIGE
Light, dry white wine MOSELLE
Like short-eared owls TUFTED
Little bird PEWIT
Loosen laces UNTIE
Make less dingy WHITEN
Mel, "The Little Giant" of baseball OTT
Oft-congested spot SINUS
One way to cross the Potomac ROW
Part of O-O-O TIC
Plumed wading bird EGRET
Robinson or Doubtfire MRS
Setting MILIEU
The "G" in SAG GUILD
The "U" of UHF ULTRA
Tight or defensive, e.g END
Top-drawer AONE
Touchy topic, so to speak HOTPOTATO
Troublemakers BADAPPLES
What รท signifies, in math DIVIDE
Years in a decade TEN
___ XING (street sign) PED