- Mar 20 2015

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Clues Answers
''Checkmate!'' IWON
''Movies for Grownups'' producer AARP
''Top 20 Funniest'' channel TRUTV
Assembly segment STEP
Baker's wear APRON
Blow a gasket RANT
Bother ADO
Breezy ''bye'' TATA
Brewery honcho HOPMASTER
Bug screen MESH
Calendar col THUR
Carbonize CHAR
Checked out EYED
City near Kobe OSAKA
Colombian city CALI
Communal funds POOL
Contents of some hot pots TEA
Costume designer for Mata Hari ERTE
Cousin of cacao OKRA
Crowe role of 2014 NOAH
Cry of relief PHEW
Curtail STEM
Dazzles AWES
Debarking point PIER
Dehydrate PARCH
Diner display PIES
Fast-cooking Easter meal PRESTOHAM
Fighting tooth and nail ATIT
Five-pillar faith ISLAM
Forensic science tool DNA
Fund-raising parties GALAS
Gloss over OMIT
Hamlet's lament ALAS
Hero of ''The Iliad'' AJAX
Influential group ELITE
Intensifies REVSUP
Irksome PESKY
Large citrus POMELO
Lead-in periods EVES
Clues Answers
Life __ (productivity tip) HACK
Losing streaks SLUMPS
Maintains HAS
Mantel piece URN
May 8, 1945 VEDAY
Moving-walkway maker OTIS
Much of Libya SAHARA
Neighbors of the Navajo HOPI
Open slightly AJAR
Playskool owner HASBRO
Prego competitor RAGU
Preserves, perhaps CANS
Rescue squad VIP EMT
Rival of QVC HSN
Runway mishap TRIP
Safe havens ARKS
Sales patter SPIEL
Sari kin TOGA
Sauna bench wood TEAK
Scenic view VISTA
Screened again RERAN
Shrimp serving SCAMPI
Site for a sultan's wives HAREMSPOT
Social standing RANK
Speech transcripts TEXTS
Succinct PITHY
Symbols of industry ANTS
Taiwan temple PAGODA
Tennis term LOVE
Tough algebra problem MATHPOSER
Twin skiers' surname MAHRE
Two-way word like ''shalom'' ALOHA
Used a trail, maybe BIKED
Vermont resort STOWE
Walk-on, for one ROLE
What ''-phage'' means EATER
Work with wheat THRESH