Wall Street Journal - Nov 30 2007 - November 30, 2007 - Symbols of Success

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Clues Answers
'Chances ___' (Johnny Mathis hit) ARE
'Follow my lead' DOASIDO
'Good Will Hunting' sch. MIT
'How' word ADVERB
'No need to explain' IGETIT
'Torso Fruit' sculptor ARP
'Two and a Half Men' co-star JONCRYER
'Wealth of Nations' author Smith ADAM
'___ home is his castle' AMANS
1978 visitor to Camp David SADAT
Ascend dramatically SOAR
Atlantis owner NASA
Be inconsistent VARY
Becomes suddenly hostile to TURNSON
Believer in a demiurge GNOSTIC
Birth control device, for short IUD
Bk. before Job ESTH
Blackjack's cousin CUDGEL
Blue SAD
Bombastic GASSY
Bonaparte's force ARMEE
Cal. column heading TUE
Cantaloupe kin CASABA
Caribbean dance music SOCA
Civic competitor SENTRA
Consider overnight SLEEPON
Correct REMEDY
Cow's fly swatter TAIL
Cunning ART
Curly-haired cat REX
Darling PET
Dealer's choice STUD
Department of eastern France AIN
Desk tray contents CLIPS
Dirty rat SOANDSO
Dogs follow them SCENTS
Enhanced ADDEDTO
Exceeding OVER
Exclusive SOLE
Fancy spreads PATES
Fathers SIRES
Felix's roommate OSCAR
Fighting fowl COCK
Filing target NAIL
Fiorina's replacement at HP HURD
Flu symptom ACHE
Foil's cousin SABER
From the beginning ANEW
Get-rid-of-your-cards game UNO
Gilbert and Sullivan princess IDA
Goes unused SITS
Good aspect UPSIDE
Harness races TROTS
Hillary's successor LAURA
Hope's frequent co-star CROSBY
Inter ___ ALIA
Invigorates GOOSES
It'll take your breath away BOA
Item on a certain table ELEMENT
Java holders MUGS
Kind of Pk. NATL
Lacking will LIMP
Lake that holds the largest lake island HURON
Last bit of an Irish lullaby RAL
Leaving word? ADIEU
Leon Uris novel, with 'The' HAJ
Letter-shaped fastener TBOLT
Like a busybody NOSY
Clues Answers
Like the earth or a bar magnet BIPOLAR
Lingo suffix ESE
Make ___ for (justify) ACASE
Man ___ (Horse of the Century) OWAR
Managed SAWTO
Manipulates, as expense numbers MASSAGES
Marian's love ROBIN
Martini's distilling partner ROSSI
Milne youngster ROO
Modern addresses, for short URLS
Money exchange fee AGIO
Move like Sasha Cohen GLIDE
Narrator aboard the Pequod ISHMAEL
Neighbor of New York's St. Patrick's SAKS
Newcomer's subj. ESL
One for the books? PAGE
One reason for a cane BUMLEG
Phila.-to-NYC dir. NNE
Physician to Marcus Aurelius GALEN
Poisonous salt ARSENATE
Popular street name ELM
Post production? CEREAL
Pricing word PER
Prince Valiant's son ARN
Promotes TOUTS
Register for ENTER
Remorseful act PENANCE
Scale notes RES
School subj. ENG
Scott Turow's first book ONEL
Series about Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott ISPY
Shrimp lover's treat SCAMPI
Simple wind instrument OCARINA
Site of a 13-day siege ALAMO
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Smoothed out EVENED
Soccer mom's transport MINIVAN
Soldier at Gallipoli ANZAC
Solvers' cries AHAS
Some Oklahoma natives OTOES
Sow or cow SHE
Spring training home of the White Sox and Rockies TUCSON
Statement of belief CREED
Stopper, informally KIBOSH
Striped marbles AGATES
Sun Records star ELVIS
Supplied, as data FEDIN
TD scorers RBS
Tennis Hall of Fame inductee of 1985 ASHE
Theologian's sch. SEM
Thrust out EXTRUDE
Tightens, as a corset LACESUP
Time of one's life AGE
Torah teacher RABBI
Tylenol rival ALEVE
Walk heavily CLOMP
Wave from the curb, say HAILACAB
WellPoint CEO Angela BRALY
Whip up MAKE
Words before impasse or end ATAN
Writer Fallaci ORIANA
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Zen enlightenment SATORI
___ kwon do TAE
___ Paulo SAO
___ rasa TABULA
___-X GEN