Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 19 2015

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Clues Answers
Bad habits at a number of haunts HABITATS
By Jove! It's electrifying for most of Bolton taking plane to Ulster for the worst possible result BOLTOFLIGHTNING
Design pattern around workers to catch criminal going down wrong way ENTRAPMENT
Doctor on a plane finds this on a course? That needs to be put to the board perhaps! DRAWINGPIN
Dressing for work looking for Texas tea OILFIELD
Drunk in Barcelona produces coq au vin adroitly, for starters CAVA
Engineer red about being so stubborn OBDURATE
Feel a bit awkward? It's a little inconvenience! FLEABITE
In league with boy leaving Old Bailey ALLIED
Is this for real? Heard one won't lose the thread with this! BOBBIN
Isn't quite shut of a colonial regime review AJAR
Lodge with enclosure? INSERT
Long-legged bird gets liberties to dump re-let IBIS
Okay, as there's nothing left? ALLRIGHT
Clues Answers
Older son involved way up north in the past, in a manner of speaking OLDNORSE
On course activity protects new deal for decorative purposes GOLDLEAF
One of twins prepares act for getting rid of the rats out east? SIAMESECAT
Pine for what's found in Montrachet ACHE
Review art for youth centre graduate in shock TRAUMA
Rich sent away to dedicate name to church CHRISTEN
Said stress helps AIDS
Sign of allergy comes as a blow SNEEZE
Sounds like an old tip for one of the bays in Mayo CLEW
Sounds like handsome type of French lover has a little look for careless sheepish type BOPEEP
Turns up, it?s nothing to do with famous hunter missing third target in loose cloak DOMINO
Type of ale synonymous with card game is a nice alternative GINGERSNAP
Unearth former partner with drone from Spain EXHUME
Where one expects to find Champagne for love in south of France? ONICE