Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 22 2015

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Clues Answers
'Bewitched' witch SAMANTHA
'I never -- purple cow ...' SAWA
'My treat' ONME
'Night of the Living Dead' director ROMERO
'Shoot!' RATS
'Star Wars' furball EWOK
'The Exorcist' actor Max von -- SYDOW
-- Taylor (clothing retailer) ANN
-- Wafers NILLA
--'wester NOR
1953 Alan Ladd film SHANE
35mm camera choice SLR
905-year-old in Genesis ENOS
Actress Stella ADLER
Alternate title for this puzzle THESEVENSEAS
Alternatives to walkers CANES
Appease SOOTHE
Article of Cologne EINE
At the home of, to Henri CHEZ
Atlanta locale GEORGIA
Ballet step PAS
Book by a bed DIARY
Boxing double-whammy ONETWO
Bullet points ITEMS
Bungle BOTCH
Burns partly CHARS
Capri or Ely ISLE
Car from Sweden SAAB
Chang and Eng's land SIAM
Changes gradually MORPHS
Chocolate stand-in CAROB
City in Algeria ORAN
Common way to sell goods ATRETAIL
Confession AVOWAL
Cooke with soul SAM
Corp. execs VPS
Denoted MEANT
Diffuses gradually OSMOSES
Ding- -- ALING
Doctrine suffix ISM
Doolittle of 'Pygmalion' ELIZA
Email folder heading SENT
Embellish richly GILD
Ending for duct ILE
Exploitative sorts USERS
Foppish tie ASCOT
Funny Idle ERIC
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Geico alternative ALLSTATE
German poet Heinrich HEINE
Get hired LANDAJOB
Goran of tennis IVANISEVIC
Grosset & -- (book publisher) DUNLAP
Guy hawking SALESMAN
Hardly harsh MELLOW
Heredity unit GENE
Houses, in Havana CASAS
Irishmen, e.g GAELS
It began with the Tertiary Period CENOZOICERA
It's prohibited NONO
Jazz band's engagement GIG
Jokester Jay LENO
Lab activities TESTS
Last part END
Lawn stuff GRASS
Leading MAIN
Least far-off CLOSEST
Clues Answers
Less trustful WARIER
Letters before ems ELS
Line crossing the origin AXIS
Live for right now SEIZETHEMOMENT
Matthews of 'Hardball' CHRIS
MGM motto ender ARTIS
Michelle of figure skating KWAN
MLB stat ERA
Modify, as a bill AMEND
N.Y. Jets' gp AFC
NFL coups TDS
No-win situation DRAW
Old politico Kefauver ESTES
One with a B.A., say GRAD
One, in Yahtzee ACE
Onetime popular pair in Vegas SIEGFRIEDANDROY
Pale violet LILAC
Pastoral folk dance of Italy SICILIANO
Petty of Hollywood LORI
Place AREA
Plenty angry IRATE
Praise highly EXALT
Prefix with hazardous NON
Prison parts YARDS
Proof mark DELE
Property TRAIT
Qatari chiefs EMIRS
Really irked ATEAT
Retirement savings NESTEGG
Role in 'The Hangover' STU
Royals manager Ned YOST
Rubik of Rubik's Cube ERNO
Sauntered MOSEYED
Savage sort HUN
See 104-Down SEAT
See 6-Across JAR
Sets of doctrines DOGMAS
Shampoo additive ALOE
Shout to a matador OLE
Skin softener EMOLLIENT
Skit show since '75 SNL
Smiles derisively SNEERS
Social climbers' concerns STATUSES
Socialist philosopher Georges SOREL
Songlike ARIOSE
Spiteful type MEANY
Spring in a dry stretch OASIS
Stinky stream system SEWER
Sweet bread spread NUTELLA
Tar's spar MAST
Tech mag EWEEK
The Bruins of the NCAA UCLA
They have bases of romaine CAESARSALADS
They're hit at parties PINATAS
Timepiece WATCH
Trip-taking equipment TRAVELGEAR
Troubles ILLS
Try to find a safe place SEEKSHELTER
Two-dot mark COLON
Was in command of LED
What cleats improve GRIP
With 49-Down, option for an air passenger AISLE
With 68-Across, deli container PICKLE
Young 'un TYKE
Young 'un LAD