New York Times - Mar 17 2015

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Clues Answers
'Catch ya on the flip side' LATERMAN
'Garfield' barker ODIE
'Get it?' SEE
'Gross!' EWW
'I can't he-e-ear you!' LALALA
'Mothra vs. Godzilla,' e.g MONSTERMOVIE
'Power' suffix ADE
'The Seine at Giverny' artist MONET
'Well, I'd say ...,' in a text IMO
ABC, for 'Modern Family' or 'Scandal' AIRER
Absolutely enthralled AGOG
Actress Stone of 'Birdman' EMMA
Anticipatory night EVE
Arg. neighbor BOL
Barbara Gordon's secret identity, in comics BATGIRL
Bernard who wrote 'The Natural' MALAMUD
Body of work OEUVRE
Catch sight of SPOT
Celebrity gossip site TMZ
Charged RANAT
City plus suburbs METROAREA
Clark Kent's boyhood home: Abbr KAN
Containers in a pantry JARS
Cousin of mead ALE
Cracker brand RITZ
Darth ___ of 'Star Wars' VADER
Dewy, e.g MOIST
Disney/Hearst-owned channel ESPN
German article DER
Gorbachev's land, for short USSR
Headwear for a Scot TAM
Home of the Braves: Abbr ATL
In recent days LATELY
Ingredient in some pancake batter BUTTERMILK
Inspection CLOSELOOK
Josh who played Dubya in 'W.' BROLIN
Clues Answers
Letter before upsilon TAU
Marshal at the Battle of Waterloo NEY
Med. diagnostic MRI
Michelangelo's 'The Creation of ___' ADAM
Miserly Marner SILAS
Org. with merit badges BSA
Part of U.S.D.A.: Abbr DEPT
Pier grp ILA
Played charades MIMED
Prince, e.g HEIR
Puzzle out SOLVE
Remove gradually, as from dependence WEAN
Rescuing financially BAILINGOUT
Sch. with an annual Mystery Hunt MIT
Scottish landowner LAIRD
Scrabble value of every letter in RELATIONS ONE
See 19-Across BRIE
Shade of green OLIVE
Shake off ELUDE
Soccer star Mia HAMM
Some tests ... or what's found literally in 17-, 24-, 30-, 39- and 44-Across MIDTERMS
Spanish liqueur ANIS
Spell-off BEE
Start of an alphabet book AASINAPPLE
Statement upon returning from a cut-off call IMBACK
Stoudemire of the N.B.A AMARE
Strike out, as a batter RETIRE
Thin pancakes BLINI
Top 40 genre POP
Up in the air UNDETERMINED
Vacation time, informally RANDR
What caffeine can give you JOLT
With 51-Down, 'Mad Men' actress ALISON
Yelp contributors, essentially RATERS
___ wave SINE