Wall Street Journal - Mar 13 2015 - March 13, 2015 - Soft Rock

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Clues Answers
'Beetlejuice' girl LYDIA
'Central Park in the Dark' composer IVES
'Collages' writer Nin ANAIS
'Didn't I tell you?' SEE
'EastEnders' network BBC
'Look at the facts!' FACEIT
'Never mind!' SKIPIT
'Rosebud' utterer KANE
'The Lugubrious Game' painter DALI
'Who Let the Dogs Out?' band ___ Men BAHA
'You don't say!' GEE
1966 National League batting champ ALOU
1982 soft rock hit for Toto AFRICA
2.5 miles, at Indy ONELAP
Accelerate sharply REV
Ancient character RUNE
Antler branch TINE
Appealing results? RETRIALS
Archipelago part ISLE
Auction offering LOT
Available FREE
Begin to wake STIR
Bejeweled bands TIARAS
Big name in arcade games ATARI
Big name in pest control ORKIN
Boat made of gopher wood ARK
Brand in many an Easter basket PEEPS
Bro's twin SIS
Broad brogue designation EEE
Broadway biodrama of 1989 TRU
Bug, say SPYON
Call for a replay LET
Catch phrase? IGOTIT
CEO's degree, often MBA
Changed course TACKED
Changed the locks? DYED
Chief Standing Bear's tribe PONCA
City neighboring Escondido SANMARCOS
Closes in on NEARS
Coalition BLOC
Colorful atmospheric displays AURORAE
Company whose cars stay indoors OTIS
Connecting flight? STAIRS
Constantly EVER
Converged MET
Coverage letters HMO
Cricket need BAT
Dead on one's feet BEAT
Dead on one's feet SPENT
Diode-inventing Japanese Nobelist ESAKI
Diva's delivery ARIA
Draft card org SSS
Drive site TEE
Dwelling supported by poles TEPEE
Early runabout make REO
Elusive resident of the Scottish Highlands NESSIE
Extremely harsh BRUTAL
Fashionable footwear in days gone by SPATS
Foreigner's 'Cold ___' ASICE
Four-time World Series winning manager TORRE
French film award CESAR
Game for shooters CRAPS
Garnished with tomatoes, anchovies and capers NICOISE
Go downhill fast SKI
Grazing spot LEA
Grounds for divorce MENTALCRUELTY
Hanker ACHE
Heater GAT
Clues Answers
Help a forgetful actor RECUE
Hit the newsstands COMEOUT
Home theater debut of 1999 TIVO
How something might crumble, or how you might love someone TOBITS
Improvised vocally SCATTED
Iniquitous act SIN
Innovation that practically stopped development DIGITALCAMERA
Interceptor weapons, for short ABMS
Investing maxim CASHISKING
Largest city in Ventura County OXNARD
Libidinous look LEER
Like dirty clothes, often INAHEAP
Like Willie Nelson's singing NASAL
Little rascal IMP
M5V 2T6, for Toronto's CN Tower POSTALCODE
Macho ideal REALMAN
Make better HEAL
Make easier to bear ALLEVIATE
Member of the first family CAIN
Memorable span ERA
Mercury or Mars GOD
Millennium makeup YEARS
Mineral suffix ITE
Monitor, e.g REPTILE
Muff ERR
Nash of the NBA STEVE
Neither Rep. nor Dem IND
Olive Garden fare PASTA
Oliver's love in 'As You Like It' CELIA
One way to be out ONBAIL
Onetime owner of Avis ITT
Opening day pitcher, often ACE
Out of sorts ILL
Parish : Louisiana :: borough : ___ ALASKA
Parlor work TATTOOING
Perfectly behaved ANGELIC
Pioneer in pure mathematics EULER
Poland Spring rival NAYA
Prepare for a big day RESTUP
Provoke SPARK
Puts to work USES
Really easy test questions GIMMES
Repurposed frat sheets, perhaps TOGAS
Responsibility ONUS
Richer in content MEATIER
Room at the top ATTIC
Science's Celsius ANDERS
Scott of 'Hawaii Five-0' CAAN
Seasoning FLAVORER
Shearer of 'The Red Shoes' MOIRA
Sigmoid shape ESS
Site of Northwestern touchdowns SEATAC
Small drink TOT
Soft rock found in the eight longest Across answers TALC
Stage craft SETDESIGN
Sting's producer? BEE
Struggle VIE
The chaos of life MORTALCOIL
They involve precise tucks HOSPITALCORNERS
They may have designs on your floor ORIENTALCARPETS
They're picked up in bars TABS
Tiny amount IOTA
To a certain extent MOREORLESS
Treatment for preemies NEONATALCARE
Turnoff EXIT
Tycho and Copernicus, for two CRATERS
Unhelpful sched. info TBA
Vietnam War choppers HUEYS
Where you might catch some rays SEA