Universal - Mar 11 2015

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Clues Answers
"Ad" add-on LIB
"I" problem EGO
"Popular" question? (Part one) WHOISREMOTELYAS
"Popular" question? (Part three) WHISTLERSFATHER
"Popular" question? (Part two) UNAPPRECIATEDAS
"The ___ Tenenbaums" ROYAL
Absolute UTTER
Absorb, as an expense EAT
Adorable one CUTIE
Advertising sign NEON
After expenses NET
Agreements PACTS
Amtrak unit CAR
An old Irish tongue ERSE
Andy's radio partner AMOS
Arid Asian expanse GOBI
Au ___ (menu phrase) GRATIN
Australian runner EMU
Bad end for a tooth ACHE
Balcony section LOGE
Ballpoint, e.g PEN
Bass-heavy music genre RAP
Be bombastic ORATE
Be theatrical EMOTE
Beelike APIAN
Beginnings ONSETS
Biochemistry abbr RNA
Body of salt water OCEAN
Bombard with snowballs PELT
Bumper sticker word ELECT
Capitol feature DOME
Catalogs LISTS
Cleaning lady's target GRIME
Coin of Kolkata PAISA
Come down hard POUR
Cooking meas TSP
Correct a manuscript EDIT
Covers the overhead? CEILS
Does a landscaping chore MOWS
Clues Answers
Dog show concern GAIT
Earned MADE
Eleven digits ONES
Enlightened one, in Buddhism ARHAT
Eye part IRIS
Eye up and down OGLE
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Failed Constitutional measure (Abbr.) ERA
Film about a lovable pig BABE
Fleur-de-___ (symbol on Quebec's flag) LIS
Fresh from the factory NEW
Garb for grads GOWNS
Hardly current PASSE
Imitates a hot dog PANTS
Insect stage PUPA
Ivan the Terrible, e.g TSAR
Krypton, e.g PLANET
Lend an ear LISTEN
Less than average tide NEAP
Life, for one SENTENCE
Loosen, as skates UNLACE
Marshal's badge STAR
Menu selection ITEM
Muse of epic poetry CALLIOPE
Nursery furnishing CRIB
Off the mark ERRANT
Old-style counters ABACI
Palindromic girl's name ANNA
Paradise lost EDEN
Plant new crops RESOW
Rat-a-___ (drum sound) TAT
River or state OHIO
Santa's helper ELF
Some astronauts' insignia NASA
Space between teeth GAP
Sweet tropical fruit MANGO
Underling AIDE
Use one's reflexes REACT
___-friendly USER