The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,744 - Mar 9 2015

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Clues Answers
A celebrant seen around a place of worship TABERNACLE
Appear to observe many SEEM
Begs to put off retirement? SITSUP
Boat train being derailed BRIGANTINE
Breathe one's last during a university farewell ADIEU
British isle shortly to join a state of America? IOWA
Cloud cover is right in position STRATUS
Departed after time LATE
Drops from one's hand DISCARDS
Geoff sat out in the wings OFFSTAGE
Gosh! Southern European birds! GEESE
Guess what the poet Donne was by profession DIVINE
Inevitable comment on hopeless case CANTBEHELPED
Is able in a way, but limited SCANT
It makes sound sense to those in need HEARINGAID
Clues Answers
It's quite rough and ready, as a rule THUMB
Let everybody marry with love at heart ALLOWED
Make a sorry speech? APOLOGISE
Matches to be made if three girls go wild FIRELIGHTERS
Mouthful of water ESTUARY
Objects about the French not finishing ENDLESS
One taking part in an emergency UNDERSTUDY
Openings for super rate of exchange APERTURES
Presumably it shouldn't have the lion's share of the bed TIGERLILY
Stop article by TV doctor WHOA
The fighters' craft WARSHIPS
There's no duty here and no charge for wine FREEPORT
They're made by those who deliver ammunition ROUNDS
Troops appearing twice in a Daily Telegraph -- initially it makes a change AMENDMENT
Verbal critical reports of shows REVUES