The Chronicle of Higher Education - Mar 20 2015

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Clues Answers
'Fly ___ the Moon' METO
'Nonsense!' BAH
'___ on the G String' AIR
'___ questions?' ANY
1970s-'80s poster boy Erik ESTRADA
33rd president's monogram HST
49 Down sch UNC
Aggravation and Concentration, for two GAMES
Altoid alternative TICTAC
Arctic jackets ANORAKS
Attorney general in the Reagan era MEESE
Best Picture loser to 'Argo' LINCOLN
Bit of ornamentation FRILL
Burden (with) SADDLE
Celestial streaker METEOR
Chaplin co-star in 'The Great Dictator' OAKIE
Childless Russian emperor who was succeeded by Anna Ivanovna PETERII
Circling the globe INORBIT
Colombia-Venezuela border river ORINOCO
Colony destroyers, at times ANTEATERS
Conservatory teacher's deg DMA
Countermand NEGATE
D.C. attraction, with 'the' MALL
DeSoto or LaSalle, e.g CAR
Discover accidentally HAPPENON
Ending with audio- or biblio- PHILE
First 'All in the Family' spinoff MAUDE
Goal of some Río Bravo crossers ELNORTE
Grade on some cognac bottles VSOP
Group dispatched from a studio TVCREW
Heroine of the Calydonian boar hunt ATALANTA
Its logo features a pair of eighth notes ITUNES
Knight backer PIP
Language in which 'Carmen' is most often sung FRENCH
Lapidary's supply STONES
Lawyer played by William Hurt in 'Body Heat' NED
Leader who halted the Hundred Flowers Campaign MAO
Like some eyeglasses ... or like this puzzle's grid HORNRIMMED
London weather phenomenon, stereotypically FOG
Clues Answers
Metallic marble STEELIE
Miscellanies OLIOS
Mo. in which Australia observes Father's Day SEP
Momentous BIG
Most absurd GOOFIEST
Not idle INUSE
Paella tidbit PEA
People tripped on it at Woodstock LSD
Potassium-rich fruit FIG
Prickly plant that attracts goldfinches TEASEL
Protracted LONG
Queue LINE
Quintillionth: Prefix ATTO
Rap variety GANGSTA
Retrovirus material RNA
Reuben layer RYE
Ribbon holder SPOOL
Road Runner sound effect BEEPBEEP
Schlep CART
Ski-report word POWDER
Sommelier's recommendation, maybe RED
Specialty, slangily BAG
Stands for ABIDES
Stop running DIE
Subwoofer's output BASS
Tethered, as a terrier ONLEASH
Teton Range herd ELK
The Blue Devils and Demon Deacons play in it: Abbr ACC
They may leave you in the dark ECLIPSES
Thrown CAST
Tried to move about unnoticed, as a shamus GUMSHOED
Tut cousin? TSK
View from Lake Como ALP
Williams on the 'Footloose' soundtrack DENIECE
Wing, in 26 Down FLUGEL
World capital of 1949-90 BONN
Year near the midpoint of the Han dynasty ONEBC
___ bran OAT