- Feb 24 2015

Clues Answers
''Don't worry about me'' IMOK
''Julius Caesar'' costume TOGA
Abandoned FORSAKEN
Add to the payroll HIRE
And others: Abbr ETAL
Appear to be SEEM
Approximately ABOUT
Asphalt worker PAVER
Autumn lawn tools RAKES
Barbell metal IRON
Be wasted, as effort GOUPINSMOKE
Blackjack 11-pointer ACE
Box of tools KIT
Bugle ''lights out'' tune TAPS
Capital of Italia ROMA
Cargo weight measure TON
Comes in ENTERS
Currency in Italy EURO
Event location VENUE
Extremely hungry RAVENOUS
Faithful TRUE
Floor model DEMO
Fuel in an old furnace COAL
Fully informed AWARE
Gets the point SEES
Getz of jazz STAN
Give off EMIT
Go after, as a mosquito SWATAT
Goes out, as the tide EBBS
Harsh sound NOISE
High-school dance PROM
Hip-hop performer RAPPER
Horse's father SIRE
In a crafty way SLYLY
Jealousy ENVY
Join together UNITE
Lamb's mama EWE
Large brass horn TUBA
Mental faculties WITS
Clues Answers
Mexican mister SENOR
Neckwear with knots TIES
New Year's Eve mo DEC
Notion IDEA
Orange peel RIND
Oversensitive nature THINSKIN
Paradises EDENS
Perched on ATOP
Performed in a choir SANG
Practice for a prizefight SPAR
Produce, as a show PUTON
Put a hex on CURSE
Reclusive one LONER
Ruby or emerald GEM
Savings for later yrs IRA
Slippery fish EEL
Sneaker or sandal SHOE
Sounded the whistle TOOTED
South Korean capital SEOUL
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Spiritualist's session SEANCE
Superlative suffix EST
Suspected of wrongdoing UNDERACLOUD
Swiss mountains ALPS
Taco-chip dips SALSAS
Takes a break RESTS
The A in PTA: Abbr ASSN
Theater platform STAGE
Titled British men LORDS
Touches up, as an article EDITS
Use a stopwatch on TIME
Ventilates AIRS
Venting one's anger BLOWINGOFFSTEAM
Whole bunch SLEW
Word of warning DONT
__-mo replay SLO