The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,499 - Feb 19 2015

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Clues Answers
A choice of extremes in perversion? PORN
A zebra dropping guts, munching bitter plant AZALEA
All leaders in organisation invariably like you, overly suave OILY
Bringing over old stuff from the East, game for Venetian traveller MARCOPOLO
Bunk where youth has solitary confinement BOLONEY
Continue trailing around duck in pool? LAGOON
Eat half of plate, then drink DIGIN
Entrance blocked to vast throne room in northern residence IGLOO
Expert not entirely comprehending opera that's weird ABNORMAL
Flash Gordon's last feature overcoming criminal, poster claims NANOSECOND
Gradual line oddly askew, coming from the thyroid, perhaps GLANDULAR
Having removed hat, policeman climbs over top of outbuilding to get hooligan YOBBO
Indications show surprising gains, for example, after recovery SIGNAGE
Island retail giant? MALLORCA
Knuckle-dragger in German war machine almost infiltrating ring CHIMPANZEE
Clues Answers
Less than ten, I need? NINE
Mental aberrations, opposite points written in biro, smart perhaps? Brainstorms
Part of a dress cut into pieces — that's beyond a stinker! BODICE
Satirical pieces about god in tight clothing SKIPANTS
Sauce, if horse growls? Then ___, did you say? BEARNAISE
Scholarly head of languages brought in LEARNED
Sense of dread in oligarch's heart, as a hoodlum GANGSTA
Shrivelled old man secreting foundation in exquisite set of personal make-up? GENOME
Singer gathering support for Australian city ADELAIDE
Sport takes off, given topping coverage ICESKATING
Those exchanged in an argument for these CROSSWORDS
Tom has followed instructions, when about to get involved COMPLICATED
Trojan prince is lacking a jumper PARA
Unfortunate bosom? MOOBS
Union with club's splintered fragments MATCHWOOD