- Feb 17 2015

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Clues Answers
''Already?'' SOSOON
''I'd hate to break up __'' ASET
''My __ are sealed!'' LIPS
''Now it's clear'' ISEE
''Scat!'' SHOO
''__ upon a time . . .'' ONCE
Alda of ''M*A*S*H'' ALAN
All over again ANEW
Baking chambers OVENS
Barnyard cacklers HENS
Baseball game delayer RAIN
Basic belief TENET
Brick worker MASON
British noble BARON
Capital of Norway OSLO
Car horn sound TOOT
Center of an apple CORE
Cheese in an Italian hero PROVOLONE
Cheese on a Big Mac AMERICAN
Cheese with holes SWISS
Church music maker ORGAN
Clutter-free NEAT
Compete in a bee SPELL
Computer storage measures BYTES
Concludes ENDS
Conks on the head BOPS
Cooks in a kettle BOILS
Cuban line dance CONGA
Endure LAST
Feeling achy SORE
Fern seed SPORE
Flat-topped hill MESA
Gets married WEDS
Give a nudge to PROD
Insignificant MERE
Is introduced to MEETS
Italian grated cheese PARMESAN
Join the military ENLIST
Clues Answers
Leaning Tower city PISA
Line on a shopping list ITEM
Lines of theater seats ROWS
Long, heroic story EPIC
Look impolitely STARE
Look impolitely at OGLE
Morning moisture on a lawn DEW
Most docile TAMEST
Not fooled by ONTO
Occupied a chair SAT
Oil cartel OPEC
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Opera solo ARIA
Out of whack AWRY
Performs on stage ACTS
Pet-protection org ASPCA
Piece of bread SLICE
Pleasant scent AROMA
Posh residence ESTATE
Prefix meaning ''against'' ANTI
Preschoolers TOTS
Pungent German cheese LIMBURGER
Pure, as gold SOLID
Reads a bar code SCANS
Separated APART
Sleeper's noise SNORE
Striped sport fish BASS
Suffix for kitchen or luncheon ETTE
Sunflower stalk STEM
Sunrise DAWN
Takes off the shelf USES
Tears (apart) RIPS
Tennis pro Kournikova ANNA
Typical Kuwaitis ARABS
Valentine phrase BEMINE
Venetian-blind part SLAT
Wee hr. of the morning TWOAM
Wild guess STAB
Writer of rhymes POET