Wall Street Journal - Feb 13 2015 - February 13, 2015 - Abnormal Psychology

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Clues Answers
'... ___ any drop to drink' NOR
'Horatio! ___ do forget myself': Hamlet ORI
'I don't need to hear it!' TMI
'I don't want to hear it!' SPAREME
'No need to explain' IGETIT
'South Pacific' heroine NELLIE
'Stat!' NOW
'Told ya!' SEE
'___ World Turns' ASTHE
1997 David Fincher film THEGAME
Ancient manual of divination ICHING
Avoids, as responsibility SHIRKS
Baloney ROT
Baseball cap designs LOGOS
Battery components TESTS
Biathlon need RIFLE
Biblical mount HOREB
Blu-ray buy DISC
Brit's vacation HOLIDAY
Brown weasel STOAT
Bulldog backer ELI
Bundle SHEAF
Canasta grouping MELD
Charles's wife CAMILLA
Cleaning compound SALSODA
Cloud bit WISP
Computer voiced by Douglas Rain HAL
Country star Pam TILLIS
Cycling race climax BELLLAP
Daffy Duck, for one LISPER
Deep wound GASH
Denver omelet ingredient HAM
Designer sportswear brand GANT
Discomfort for egotists? CROWINGPAINS
Disease once called 'marsh fever' MALARIA
Do the rite thing? WED
Drain cleaner ingredient LYE
Dress (up) TOG
Excess FAT
Exhausting routine RATRACE
Fall behind TRAIL
Fashion photographer Newton HELMUT
Favorable to mold DANK
Fear of Ghana? ACCRAPHOBIA
Fine subject ART
Fish dish SCROD
Fixation with buildings? EDIFICECOMPLEX
Flip chart supporters EASELS
Football's 'Big Blue' GIANTS
Former flier SST
French friar ABBE
Fuel figure OCTANE
Giraffe's cousin OKAPI
Green pole PIN
Greenhorn NOVICE
Heed the 'All aboard!' announcement ENTRAIN
Here, in Le Havre ICI
High point of an Alaska trip DENALI
His portrait appears on Italy's two-euro coin DANTE
Holds a grudge against RESENTS
ICU directive IVPUSH
Illegal dumping, perhaps ECOCIDE
Imaginary NOTREAL
Inescapable outcome FATE
It may be hung out WETWASH
Killer whale of film NAMU
Clues Answers
Kitchen whistler KETTLE
Legal banger GAVEL
Legal postponements STAYS
Life-or-death DIRE
Like an urn in an ode GRECIAN
Low-ranking USN officer ENS
Lucky tip? ASH
Mandela's org ANC
Mer makeup EAU
Millennials' parents GENXERS
Miyazaki's medium ANIME
Mobutu or Mussolini DICTATOR
MoMA setting NYC
Most-wanted guests ALIST
Mother or sister NUN
Music from a Kingston trio SKA
Near-perfect person SAINT
Neighborhood store BODEGA
Neptune and Nereus SEAGODS
Nervousness about greeting people? HIANXIETY
Not bothered by USEDTO
Not play SIT
Pac-12 overseer NCAA
Place for a brace KNEE
Plains people OMAHAS
Pookie HON
Prefix with psychology PARA
Primer pet SPOT
Programmer's solutions HACKS
Psychological distress caused by car rides? EMOTIONSICKNESS
Psychological problem caused by a financial crisis? PANICDEPRESSION
Psychological problem for British schoolboys? ETONDISORDER
Purina's longtime partner RALSTON
Quite a sight EYEFUL
Raison d'___ ETRE
Region east of Tuscany UMBRIA
Ricoh rival CANON
Sadness when eating cantaloupe? MELONCHOLIA
Sauerkraut sandwiches REUBENS
School prayer fighter OHAIR
Seat request AISLE
She's Jackie on 'Nurse Jackie' EDIE
Singer at Barack's first inauguration ARETHA
Size up ASSESS
Soft shot LOB
Some socks ANKLETS
Sommer of 'The Prize' ELKE
Spicy cuisine THAI
Start to act? TRANS
Stately 16th-century dance PAVANE
Stations for orations PODIA
Steers steers HERDS
Summertime weather fig THI
Taken all one is willing to HADIT
Talmud letters ALEPHS
They go through Xings RRS
Turkish title AGA
Turn back REPEL
Under state TRANCE
Versailles VIP ROI
Volunteer's words ICAN
Was no more CEASED
What some Chinese personalities exhibit? TAIPEIBEHAVIOR
What you're reading CLUE
With 'Hope,' a soap RYANS