- Feb 12 2015

Clues Answers
''Little Miss Sunshine'' Oscar winner ARKIN
''Say no more'' ISEE
About 1% of the atmosphere ARGON
Aesopian animal HARE
All square EVEN
Alsace affirmative OUI
Babble YAP
Be beside ABUT
Be overtheatrical EMOTE
Behind a Boeing ASTERN
Bit of wit QUIP
Bring together MARRY
Certain undercover cop NARC
Chile con carne, for instance STEW
Clinton Treasury secretary RUBIN
Conclusion introducer ERGO
Conversation piece CURIO
Deal maker AGENT
Earlier offense PRIOR
Easy task SNAP
Evince disdain SNEER
Exams for some juniors PSATS
Fussy fellow NITPICKER
Gandalf portrayer's first name IAN
Griffin, in part LION
Grilling candidate STEAK
Half-square shape ELL
Handicraft website ETSY
Have coming MERIT
Intensify AMPUP
Inviting to dinner ASKINGOUT
Israeli coin SHEKEL
Ivy League school, for short PENN
Line on a jacket TITLE
Literary governess EYRE
Lobbying org PAC
Mailbox part DOOR
Massachusetts state tree ELM
Measures of brightness: Abbr IQS
Clues Answers
Migratory birds TERNS
Mill around LOITER
October birthstone OPAL
Office equipment contract LEASE
Onetime ''At the Movies'' cohost EBERT
Opposite of ''da'' NYET
Oral-care product turning 60 this year CRESTTOOTHPASTE
Physique, so to speak BOD
Place to park SPACE
Prefix for school or screen PRE
Presidential diplomacy SUMMITMEETING
Print-shop gadget INKER
Profundity DEPTH
Resounding slaps SPANKS
Resurface, perhaps PAVE
Roughly ABOUT
Ruckus ROW
Say from memory RECITE
Setting SITE
Showy flower PEONY
Skeptical comment IBET
Stadium walkways RAMPS
Successor of the mark EURO
Swedish girl of kid lit PIPPI
Swiftness SPEED
Symbol of stubbornness MULE
Tantalize TEMPT
Taste TRY
Tech-support client USER
The longest range ANDES
They're charged in physics IONS
Ultimate LAST
Unemotional STONY
Valuable rock ORE
Vigor PEP
Word following floor or pension PLAN
Wraps up ENDS