The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,154 - Jan 4 2015

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Clues Answers
-- acetate, colourless resin used in paints and adhesives, etc Polyvinyl
-- Guevara, South American revolutionary CHE
Anne --, second wife of Henry VIII BOLEYN
Apparatus for making facsimile copies PHOTOSTAT
Classical bagpipe music PIBROCH
Claude --, 1862-1918, French composer DEBUSSY
Convulsive muscular motion TIC
Folded-over pizza CALZONE
Garlic-flavoured mayonnaise AIOLI
Having two alcohol radical groups DIAMYL
Historical word for a province in the Ottoman Empire VILAYET
Impregnated with aromatic and pungent odours SPICED
In 1533 he was appointed as the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury THOMASCRANMER
In East Sussex, one of the Cinque Ports RYE
Large deer native to North America WAPITI
Loss of willpower ABOULIA
Clues Answers
Machine used for quarrying EXCAVATOR
Number one hit by the Beatles in 1964 CANTBUYMELOVE
Old word from Afrikaans for a small sweet orange Naartje
One of Christopher Robin's companions in 'Winnie-the-Pooh' EEYORE
One registering internet domain name that sounds like it belongs to a famous person CYBERSQUATTER
Oxford college at intersection of Broad Street and Parks Road WADHAM
Relating to producing current ELECTROMOTIVE
Sessile aquatic animal with numerous pores SPONGE
Sir Anthony --, 1599-1641, Flemish painter VANDYKE
Sir Francesco Paolo --, 1846-1916, Italian-born composer TOSTI
Song to send young children to sleep LULLABY
Songbird with a short stout bill that feeds on seeds FINCH
Strong-smelling shrubby Mediterranean plant RUE
Study of fictitious events or traditional stories MYTHOLOGY
Thimphu is the capital of this Asian kingdom BHUTAN
Two back-to-back pages of a book FOLIO