The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,262 - Sep 23 2014

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Clues Answers
Almost everything's built without it in France ALLBUT
Busy person needs to sort out vegetables BEETROOTS
Delighted when told foot op cast will wrap up right (2,3,2,3,5) ONTOPOFTHEWORLD
Duck's hit over by railway PARRY
Fellow leaves one city for another CHESTER
Fifties dropout's exhausted family flips BEATNIK
High rise shown by northern rent TORN
Initially 10 led 9 rebel astray like Day-Lewis DOUBLEBARRELLED
Irreverently disrupted replay of gripping National PROFANELY
Mature women will desert Take That, perhaps GROUP
Misleading details about debt SPECIOUS
Miss dance SKIP
Moan about investing money in food -- the Parisian style GRUMBLE
Not good for environmentalist to exert force to establish law a second time REENACT
Old money advanced to join exercise group PESETA
Clues Answers
Overall, perhaps, you would wear one to avoid getting one DUSTCOAT
Programmes allow retired actors to cut directions TELECASTS
Punctilious, quaint, picky, quirky? No doubt you'll mind these! PSANDQS
Right cheek LIBERTY
Scans MPs' votes according to Speaker EYES
Sign of heraldry with Queen in closest buckles CROSSLET
Spanish region with a Latin institute in America ANDALUSIA
Strangely it updates natural abilities APTITUDES
Strut about ring in high spirits COCKAHOOP
Suspend international union backing protecting artist's aggressive speech HARANGUE
Tangle between rival gangs ALGA
Tears produced by taking up violin DARTS
Toddler is an example of one finally asleep in cot BIPED
What mothers have been through work? LABOUR
What was counted on from a graduate course, oddly ABACUS