- Nov 18 2007

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Clues Answers
''Casino'' seafood CLAMS
''From Here to Eternity'' star CLIFT
''Same here!'' ASAMI
''You betcha!'' YES
'80s prime-time alien ALF
Actress Downey ROMA
Affirm AVER
Affirmative response YEA
Ambulance workers EMTS
Ankle bone TALUS
Approaches NEARS
Argentina neighbor CHILE
Avoid capture by ELUDE
Bar bills TABS
Bar seats STOOLS
Becomes clear DAWNS
Bikini, e.g. ATOLL
Bird's talons CLAWS
Boat's place WHARF
Bow or Barton CLARA
Called up RANG
Causes of distress BANES
Cereal grain OAT
Check out CASE
Cinema worker USHER
City on the Arkansas TULSA
Civil wrongs TORTS
Clatter DIN
Clean completely PURGE
Cohesive group UNIT
Commercial break TVAD
Computer correspondence EMAIL
Cooperstown concern BASEBALL
Count (on) RELY
Cut quickly SNIP
Decision alteration CHANGEOFHEART
Deeply absorbed RAPT
Defames SMEARS
Delight in ADORE
Dennis' dog RUFF
Does and cows SHES
Dollar bill ONE
Earn before taxes GROSS
Eastern European SERB
Egyptian boy king TUT
Engage in a contest VIE
Enthusiastic review RAVE
Expeditious RAPID
Extended, as a subscription RENEWED
Extremely unkind HARSH
Fashion letters DKNY
Favorable environment ELEMENT
Feline CATTY
Female fowl PEAHEN
Fierce one TIGER
Flow into FEED
French chemist PASTEUR
Fuddy-duddies PRIGS
General principle RULEOFTHUMB
Get at RILE
Give up FORGO
Golf hazard TRAP
Got to go faster RUSHED
Govt. media regulator FCC
Greek fabulist AESOP
Gremlin ELF
Grounded planes SSTS
Handel contemporary BACH
Have a sit-down MEET
Having a swelled head VAIN
Hawaiian dances HULAS
Hem in GIRD
Clues Answers
High rocky hill TOR
Hindu priest BRAHMAN
Hive dweller BEE
Indication of approval SHOWOFHANDS
Inquire ASK
Irksome individual PEST
It means ''under'' HYPO
Japanese delicacy EEL
Kay Thompson character ELOISE
Ladd or Alda ALAN
Lettuce MOOLA
Line of work TRADE
Little rascals SCAMPS
Llama chew CUD
Magician's aids PROPS
Malt-shop freebie STRAW
Mimic APER
Mine find ORE
More frank FREER
More than odd EERIE
Mouth off RANT
Narrow road LANE
Onions' kin LEEKS
Opera solo ARIA
Person on-line USER
Picks up on SEES
Pie flavor CHERRY
Pisces follower ARIES
Poem division CANTO
Press IRON
Psychological conflict WAROFNERVES
Put in new cable REWIRE
Put on WEAR
Quickly, briefly ASAP
Radio switch AMFM
Ragtime style HONKYTONK
Rainbow sections ARCS
Red herring PLOY
Regarded highly ESTEEMED
Regular routes BEATS
Resist boldly DEFY
River in Nebraska PLATTE
Saint Petersburg's former name LENINGRAD
Salesperson CLERK
Sample food TASTE
Sandal feature STRAP
Send packing OUST
Serious warning REDALERT
Sheep's cries BAAS
Shimon of Israel PERES
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Snooze too long OVERSLEEP
Sought office RAN
Spanish museum PRADO
Spill the beans SING
Spirited horse STEED
Sri Lankan garment SARI
Stadium sound ROAR
State with the lowest median age UTAH
Stephen King novel BAGOFBONES
Tavern drinks ALES
The grapevine WORDOFMOUTH
Theater level LOGE
Treat badly ABUSE
Verbally acidic SHARPOFTONGUE
Wanders about ROVES
Washing-machine action SLOSHING
Wedding whisper IDO
Where a crest can be found COATOFARMS
Zhivago's love LARA
__ Christian Andersen HANS
__ precedent SETA