The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 27,657 - Nov 26 2014

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Clues Answers
A way round DETOUR
An age AEON
Bearer TRAY
Before 1939 PREWAR
Cancel UNDO
Cowardly YELLOW
Fervency ARDOUR
Frost RIME
Frustrated DASHED
Generator DYNAMO
Get away ESCAPE
Information DATA
Large-scale EPIC
Loathes ABHORS
Clues Answers
Lobules (anag.) SOLUBLE
Merit EARN
Midge GNAT
Office note MEMO
Opera star (anag.) SEPARATOR
Pattern of stones MOSAIC
Practice CUSTOM
Recurring designs MOTIFS
Redundancies LAYOFFS
Refrain (from) FORBEAR
Relocate MOVE
Sandhill DUNE
Thin-skinned SENSITIVE
Turns ACTS
Ugly sight EYESORE
Wind instrument SAXOPHONE