The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,277 - Oct 17 2014

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Clues Answers
A mistake to choose to keep yen after an upswing? TYPO
An associate university teacher backing husband is inept AMATEURISH
Antipodean booze binge cut back GROG
Attack at last, originally called to hit below the belt? KNEE
Bury half of study into bugs on British ENTOMB
Condition of link's foremost in short chain FETTLE
Constantly growing burst of laughter welcomes return of Private PERENNIAL
Creative work requiring a folder to handle stationery ORIGAMI
Defile whatever swindle brings in CANYON
Ditch: singular form of depression? DUMP
Doctor peeved when going round places in boneshaker VELOCIPEDE
Enveloped by perfume of burning wax, not left fuming? INCANDESCENT
Free ride carrying passenger north in emergency transport LIFERAFT
Impressive tea or coffee maker enthralling each sensualist EPICUREAN
Clues Answers
Loose rock not holding pipe down: it's captured on computer SCREENSHOT
Nut strewn around thin gravy, favouring one side? UNJUST
Outstanding groom that's first to hug my one PREEMINENT
Smooth spread on most of fillet DEBONAIR
Some in China use antihistamines for biliousness NAUSEA
Something to fire Monsieur in Latin lover's declaration AMMO
St John Ambulance emblem's not a pedigree spaniel? MALTESECROSS
Such sight would be normal a few years from now? TWENTYTWENTY
Surrealist's faithful representation without repeating character MIRO
Temper low-speed roar with light driving? SOLARPOWERED
Terrific energy vented by anger was sufficient SPLENDID
Tilts view to avoid eastern island ANGLESEY
Weakness of line dropped by both retail centre and section of market? MALAISE
Wound up primarily in public transport area TRAUMA