The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,589 - Sep 8 2014

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Clues Answers
'Ask me out to party', so gets along MAKESDO
A classic hat worn by Americans DERBY
Barely used part of the house BATHROOM
Children may be a contentious point ISSUE
Claim tax in crooked endeavour that ends in disappointment ANTICLIMAX
Crashing gears gives feeling full of hostility AGGRESSIVE
Feast set out around Italian capital for religious celebration FIESTA
Fifty or a hundred will come up to sing CAROL
Filmed under cover SCREENED
Flashing lights bringing movement to a stop? STROBES
Fly spitfire by day SHREWD
General protection away from the wind LEEWARD
Had a fight, getting thrown out SCRAPPED
Its constructors must meet high conditions SKYSCRAPER
Lined up in uniform? DRESSED
Clues Answers
Local place for refreshing game WATERINGHOLE
Luggage in hold? GRIP
Non-stop passenger-carrying flight ESCALATOR
Observers usually working in pairs EYES
One may call it a breakfast stand-by ROLL
One with a political belief that's not right SOCIALIST
Pass taken out for health resorts SPAS
Reckless general's assistant involved in plan MADCAP
Samuel's teacher is after old boy with daggers drawn OBELI
School rejected exam questions and corresponding material NOTEPAPER
Take ground with artilleryman entering unarmed combat KARATE
Trouble international group has to resolve UNSETTLE
Unusual controversy about a school of music CONSERVATORY
Worker who is constantly striking BLACKSMITH
Wrapped up in unusually deep novel ENVELOPED