Universal - Nov 14 2007

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Clues Answers
''Sun'' or ''smoke'' follower SCREEN
''Survivor'' network CBS
10th-century Holy Roman emperor OTTOI
Apprised AWARE
Authority SAYSO
Bad thing to hear at a checkup UHOH
Bolshevik hero LENIN
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff DREGS
Bryce Canyon site UTAH
Cabbage LOOT
Calc preceder, perhaps TRIG
Cavorts ROMPS
Checkers side RED
Chump DUPE
Cigar collectible BAND
Cleaning implement MOP
Coarse RUDE
Consumer pitfall DEBT
Cooped-up female HEN
Defended STOODBY
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Dollops DABS
Elementary grades CEES
Euphoric state CLOUDNINE
Fiery horse STEED
First name of a very famous clown RONALD
Flows back, as a tide EBBS
Fontainebleau girlfriend AMIE
Food fish of the Nile BOLTI
Form of punishment PENALTY
Great place for a dip CONE
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hairdo crushers HATS
Hankerings YENS
He smacked 66 in '98 SOSA
Hindu creator BRAHMA
Maker of the fragrance Poison DIOR
Clues Answers
Marathoner's concern PACE
Metallic deposit LODE
Mob's payment, sometimes BLOODMONEY
More damp and chilly RAWER
Neverland bad guy SMEE
Neverland outsider NANA
Nostalgic destination MEMORYLANE
Ocean catches TUNAS
One of the deadly sins PRIDE
One way to ride PIGGYBACK
Pain in the neck PEST
Pep rally cry YEA
Plagiarize COPY
Planetary path shape OVAL
Queen of Soul Franklin ARETHA
Relative of etc. ETAL
Schedule PLAN
Shaq specialty SLAM
Sing nonsense syllables SCAT
Sleep inducer SANDMAN
Small fishing boat DORY
Solomon's asset WISDOM
Start of a famous palindrome MADAM
Supreme Being MAKER
Swell AOK
Tara family name OHARA
Thumb, for one TOM
Turn upside down INVERT
Type of macaroni ELBOW
Waited and wanted HOPED
Wallach in ''Night and the City'' ELI
What a library does LENDS
White-rumped westerner ELK
Winter footwear BOOTS
Wise people SAGES
Wizards' gp. NBA
Yucatan civilization member MAYAN