The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 27,486 - May 10 2014

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Clues Answers
-- Anderson (film director) WES
Asian country THAILAND
Beautiful woman BELLE
Bowled over WOWED
Centre of activity HOTBED
Control area COCKPIT
Council worker PLANNER
Deadline CUTOFF
English isle WIGHT
Evening party SOIREE
Exciting story THRILLER
Extra run BYE
Extremely pleased COCKAHOOP
Give help ASSIST
Clues Answers
Group of animals PACK
Group of conspirators CABAL
Incursions INROADS
Indian spinach SAG
Male deer STAG
Name of several rivers DERWENT
Pomegranate syrup GRENADINE
Pre-decimal coin BOB
Reserve soldier TERRIER
Society woman DEB
Soft soap FLANNEL
Transport for a disabled person BATHCHAIR
Weep uncontrollably SOB