USA Today - Nov 8 2007

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Clues Answers
''Ah, Wilderness!'' character NAT
''They're gr-r-r-r-reat!'' speaker TONYTHETIGER
''Walking on Thin Ice'' artist ONO
''___ Doubtfire'' MRS
''___ you kidding?'' ARE
41-Across, e.g. PESTS
Actress Anderson LONI
Adam's better half EVE
After-dinner drink, for many PORT
Arnold Ziffel, notably PIG
AT&T Park ballplayers GIANTS
Barbecue buttinskies ANTS
Be aware of KNOW
Big Apple address, briefly NYNY
Big name in kitchen appliances AMANA
Carried on RAGED
Certain receivers SPLITENDS
Chalice of medieval legend GRAIL
Cheerful GAY
Claustrophobia, for one FEAR
Color of Chianti RED
Cousin of the bossa nova SAMBA
Diminishes EBBS
Does restaurant work WAITS
Done, to Donne OER
Electrical bypass SHUNT
Ess or ell, e.g. SHAPE
Eve was the first SHE
Germ cell SPORE
Guadalajara guy SENOR
Handsome guy HUNK
Harebrained prank CAPER
Have a hankering YEARN
Heavenly headwear HALO
Hitchcock's favorite dir.? NNW
Home of Persepolis, now IRAN
Hunt of ''What Women Want'' HELEN
In a short time ANON
Clues Answers
It was raised by Paul Revere ALARM
Jagger or John SIR
Kill, as a dragon SLAY
Leaves in the lurch STRANDS
Make less dependent WEAN
Mess hall mess? SLOP
Mexican Mrs. SRA
Middle of an hourglass NECK
Midlife crisis age, for many FORTY
Monastery head ABBOT
More depressed BLUER
Name of a film fish WANDA
Newspaper page OPED
Nincompoop SAP
Norse god of thunder THOR
One of the Three Musketeers ATHOS
One wishing to fulfill his royal duties? THECOWARDLYLION
Overthrow of first base, for one ERROR
Patience, to a puzzle solver ASSET
Permanent calling CAREER
Pick over CULL
Piers Paul Read survivor story ALIVE
Posts a gain EARNS
Russo of ''Major League'' RENE
Shaft of lightning BOLT
Shaky Kevin Bacon film TREMORS
Some lea ladies EWES
Something in a quiver ARROW
Source of much family friction INLAWS
Spring auto race, familiarly INDY
Stokely Carmichael, once BLACKPANTHER
Subject of many a portrait LANDSCAPE
Tale of heroism SAGA
The Lone Ranger's pal TONTO
TV studio sign ONAIR
Type of brat ARMY
Watergate figure Maurice STANS
Wear away ERODE