New York Times - Oct 29 1999

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Clues Answers
Art class GENRE
Beget SIRE
Bibliographical suffix ANA
Billiard stroke MASSE
Blast GAS
Buddy MAC
Busted but good NAILED
Carton contents, for short CIGS
Cartoonist DRAWER
Change REDO
Classic party game TWISTER
Community character ETHOS
Corners TREES
Didn't merely grow BOOMED
Discovered LEARNT
Eau naturelle? MER
El ___ GRECO
Feature of some credit cards HOLOGRAM
Firewood amount ARMFUL
Floured and sautéed in butter MEUNIERE
Follower of the news LENO
Golden age HEYDAY
High ends IDEALS
Humperdinck heroine GRETEL
In an unnatural way ABERRANTLY
Information information AREACODE
It may be overblown EGO
Klingons, e.g. ETS
Like early records MONO
Likely to rise? YEASTY
Long shot? PANORAMA
Method: Abbr. SYST
Missed a payback opportunity? OWED
More than tickle SLAY
Clues Answers
Nicene Council concern HERESY
No-goodnik RAT
Obedience school supply TREATS
Old laborers SERFS
Old rail riders HOBOS
One involved with drilling: Abbr. SGT
One way to fall INLOVE
One who might put you in stitches ERDOCTOR
One with a flight plan, maybe INMATE
Org. for bridge builders ADA
Period of crisis REDALERT
Person on board? WINDSURFER
Plumber's item WASHER
Pretty things to look at EYECANDY
Price presentation ARIA
Primestar 500 org. NASCAR
Raconteur's repertoire TALES
Red Roof rival RAMADA
Refusal after refusal NOS
Rome's ___ Pacis ARA
Salman Rushdie's 'The Moor's Last ___' SIGH
Screwball NUT
Some 25-Across SLIMS
Spills the beans BLABS
Styptic stuff ALUM
They help avoid sticking points THIMBLES
They're thin at the top AFRAMES
To just a slight degree REMOTELY
Weight not charged for TARE
Went to Wendy's, say ATEOUT
Where to spot spots SUN