- Nov 4 2007

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Clues Answers
''Add __ of salt'' ADASH
''Darn it!'' RATS
''Groovy!'' NEATO
''Julius Caesar'' attire TOGA
''Say cheese!'' SMILE
''Suppose so'' IGUESS
''The Greatest'' in the ring ALI
Actress Gardner AVA
Affirmative votes YEAS
Air Force Academy student CADET
Alert WARN
All worked up INAPET
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
American education reformer MANN
Antipasto morsel OLIVE
Because of DUETO
Before a jury ONTRIAL
Bird berths NESTS
Bride's ride LIMO
Cabbage MOOLA
Chair part LEG
Clock face DIAL
Close call SCARE
Coward's lack NERVE
Crime-fiction pioneer POE
Cry of accomplishment TADA
Cummerbund SASH
Dame Christie AGATHA
Daughter of King Lear REGAN
Deserve EARN
Divinity school subj. REL
Dog docs VETS
Doll's cry MAMA
Donald Duck, to his nephews UNCA
Easy marks SAPS
Enthusiast BUFF
ET transporters UFOS
Expert ending ISE
Family-tree entry SURNAME
Fashion monthly ELLE
Feb. follower MAR
Fellow GUY
Feudal tenant VASSAL
Fifth word of the Koran ALLAH
First name in fashion OLEG
Fishing aids LURES
Flat-bottomed boat DORY
Flatbread of India CHAPATI
Flies off the handle ERUPTS
Freud's study EGO
Genealogist's chart TREE
Get ready, casually PREP
Go public with AIR
Graph starter TELE
Grisham's former occupation LAWYER
Healthy and strong PHYSICALLYFIT
Hid away STASHED
Highways: Abbr. RTES
If that doesn't work ELSE
Imposed, as a tax LEVIED
Infuriates IRES
It spreads the dough around ROLLINGPIN
Jai __ ALAI
Landed (on) ALIT
Lessen EASE
Lesser of two __ EVILS
London lockups GAOLS
Lose traction SLIDE
Luggage carrier PORTER
Clues Answers
May birthstone EMERALD
Miles away AFAR
Minute TEENY
Mitten relative GLOVE
Molecule part ATOM
Mouse sounds CLICKS
Needing directions LOST
New York's __ Island ELLIS
Not miss __ (remain unruffled) ABEAT
Old-time oath EGAD
Open-mouthed AGAPE
Pair DUO
Patio griller's brush-on BARBECUEBASTE
Patron saint of Norway OLAF
Peripatetic Polo MARCO
Pickle flavoring DILL
Pizza piece SLICE
Place of higher ed. UNIV
Place where CPR is taught YMCA
Plays for time STALLS
Poetry Muse ERATO
Pool measure DEPTH
Potpourri piece PETAL
Pre-euro currency LIRA
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Provocative sort RILER
Pulled apart TORE
Pursue TRAIL
Radiant quality AURA
Rani's garment SARI
Reason to recalibrate ERROR
Request for assistance HELPME
Retaliatory move COUNTERMEASURE
Ritzy spread ESTATE
Roll-call response HERE
Rug fiber SISAL
Rum drink GROG
Rumple MUSS
Salon work TINT
Salon workers DYERS
Scholarship relatives GRANTS
School on the Thames ETON
Seven Hills city ROME
Shark habitat OCEAN
Show the ropes to TRAIN
Sleeveless garment VEST
Small band TRIO
Smeltery refuse DROSS
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Soup legumes LENTILS
Spot in the ocean ISLET
Starlet's dream FAME
Strong winds GALES
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Tangelo kin UGLI
Teammate's supportive shout GOGETEM
Telephone button abbr. OPER
Thrifty purchase ECONOMYSIZE
Too snug TIGHT
Toothpaste holder TUBE
Transparent linen TOILE
Upper hand EDGE
Util. supply ELEC
Wears well LASTS
Windblown soil LOESS
Witherspoon of ''Walk the Line'' REESE
Wizardry MAGIC
Woodstock singer BAEZ
Word-processor function TABSET