New York Times - Jan 27 1997

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Clues Answers
'High priority!' RUSH
'We're number ___!' ONE
'___ Blue?' (1929 #1 hit) AMI
A.F.L.'s partner CIO
Adjusts to fit ADAPTS
Advances MOVESUP
Advertising awards CLIOS
Air raid alert SIREN
Asia's ___ Peninsula MALAY
Bic filler INK
Big monkeys BABOONS
Big name in video rentals BLOCKBUSTER
Bus station posting: Abbr. SCHED
Cake finisher ICER
Chooses OPTS
Chum, to a Brit MATEY
Comedian Bruce LENNY
Contract with a car dealer LEASE
Desert plants CACTI
Do some soft-shoe TAP
Dove sound COO
Eskimo boat UMIAK
Established BASED
Exhausting task BACKBREAKER
Extraterrestrial ALIEN
Extreme cruelty SADISM
Felt crummy AILED
Five smackeroos FIN
French artist Henri MATISSE
Gumshoe TEC
Having one's marbles SANE
Homeless animal STRAY
Juan Carlos, e.g. REY
Keystone character KOP
Kimono accessory OBI
King or queen RULER
Lariat's end NOOSE
Limerick, e.g. POEM
Clues Answers
Little finger PINKY
Lodge members ELKS
Madison Avenue worker ADMAN
Malign, in slang DIS
Mickey of 'National Velvet' ROONEY
Mountain PEAK
Musical partner of Crosby and Stills NASH
Neighbor of Isr. SYR
Overly self-confident COCKY
Pee Wee of Ebbets Field REESE
Prohibits BANS
Quick way around town CAB
Rainbow shape ARC
Religious factions SECTS
Ruby or Sandra DEE
Rum cakes BABAS
Scorched CHARRED
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Soaked SOPPY
Sonny's ex CHER
Split with a hatchet CLEAVED
Stomach muscles, for short ABS
Supermodel Carol ALT
Supporting beam TRUSS
Tennis score ADIN
The whole shooting match ALL
Tiny bit, as of cream DAB
Top floor ATTIC
Tribal healers SHAMANS
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Vertebra locale SPINE
Western treaty grp. OAS
Word said to a photographer CHEESE
Words of comprehension ISEE
Writer ___ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Yielded CEDED