The Times - Concise - Times2 Concise 4579 - July 14, 2008

Clues Answers
Branch of science CHEMISTRY
Canadian province/city QUEBEC
Cathedral city in Cambridgeshire ELY
Causing death FATAL
Cereal WHEAT
Climbing plant IVY
Deep track; routine RUT
Disbeliever in gods ATHEIST
Entry permit TICKET
Flowering shrub AZALEA
Forerunner of eleven ac ALCHEMY
Formally confirm CERTIFY
Frequent (a place) HAUNT
Gloomy, depressing CHEERLESS
Clues Answers
In addition EXTRA
Lending at high rates USURY
Little (Scottish) WEE
Minotaur slayer THESEUS
Obscure in meaning CRYPTIC
One who doubts the truth of religions SCEPTIC
Roadside parking spot LAYBY
Tables, chairs, etc FURNITURE
Tending to digress EXCURSIVE
Throw out EJECT
Transparent fish tanks AQUARIA
Very deep chasm ABYSS
Washing machine type TWINTUB
Young ladies; avoids MISSES