Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 19 2013

Clues Answers
'Never mind' SKIPIT
'That's it!' EUREKA
Arles answer OUI
Belongs FITS
Black shade SABLE
Calendar abbr TUE
Casino action BET
Designer Ralph LAUREN
Detest ABHOR
Finished ENDED
Flexed BENT
Friar's place ABBEY
Game caller REF
Gorillas and gibbons APES
Haul in ARREST
Hive heads QUEENBEES
Hotel units BEDS
Hr. part MIN
Irrelevant remark NONSEQUITUR
Jackson of 'A Touch of Class' GLENDA
Jail cell CAGE
Judge's place BENCH
Clues Answers
League members TEAMS
Like some books ONTAPE
Make a home SETTLE
Memorable period ERA
Moon-based LUNAR
Online journals BLOGS
Peaceful SEDATE
Poker payments ANTES
Print units EMS
Puts on a pedestal ADORES
Rep.'s rival DEM
Reuben bread RYE
Second-largest nation CANADA
Skater Sonja HENIE
Sky shade BLUE
Stellar twins GEMINI
Trumpet's cousin CORNET
Unremarkable NONDESCRIPT
Unspecified person ANYONE
Verb for you ARE
Walk nervously PACE
Washington's successor ADAMS
Window sections PANES
Word in a Yale song BOOLA