Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 23 2013

Clues Answers
'-- on first?' WHOS
'Skyfall' singer ADELE
Assist AID
Bakery buy ROLL
Bar choice TEQUILA
Bar choice SLOEGIN
Bar choice BOURBON
Bar choice WHISKEY
Be a snoop PRY
Be bold DARE
Brief time SEC
Brit's traveling bag HOLDALL
Church sight ALTAR
Computer novice NEWBIE
Doesn't budge STAYS
Factions SIDES
Fallback strategy PLANB
Fancy planters URNS
Filming locations SETS
Find not guilty ACQUIT
Flag features STARS
Gal of song SAL
Goatee setting CHIN
Clues Answers
Hams' needs RADIOS
Hosp. sections ERS
Is smugly happy GLOATS
Lasso loop NOOSE
Lively dance TANGO
Look-alike RINGER
Lorelei's river RHINE
Lose one's inhibitions OPENUP
Meeting slate AGENDA
Miseries WOES
Overindulge SPOIL
Pigeon's perch LEDGE
Rabbit fur LAPIN
Reddish dye HENNA
Rock producer Brian ENO
School dance PROM
Singer Seeger PETE
Squat (down) HUNKER
Stubborn ORNERY
Take -- for the worse ATURN
Tennis setting COURT
Trig function SINE
Wire measure MIL
Writer Ana•s NIN