Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 16 2013

Clues Answers
Abrupt shock JOLT
Arkansas' -- Mountains OZARK
Balloon fill GAS
Big party BASH
Black suit SPADES
Brings in NETS
Brunch choice OMELET
Butter on the farm GOAT
Camera setting AUTO
Carpet feature PILE
Catchall abbr ETC
Course area TEE
Cracked AJAR
Dip for a chip SALSA
Discussion groups PANELS
Do text work EDIT
Flightless bird EMU
Folded meals TACOS
Friend of Sneezy DOC
Full of relish ZESTY
Goblet part STEM
Half a pint ONECUP
Hotel amenity SPA
Leaves work, perhaps CLOCKSOUT
Like the devil HORNED
Mall business STORE
Melting snow SLUSH
Clues Answers
Milliner's ware HAT
Move up and down BOB
Night fliers BATS
Noggin PATE
Not busy IDLE
Oodles ALOT
Passed with flying colors ACED
Peaceful protests SITINS
Physics bit ATOM
Plague BESET
Plans movements for a play BLOCKSOUT
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Pride member LION
Quarter of a bushel PECK
Raised, as Rottweilers BRED
Rascal IMP
Scandinavian city OSLO
Shoe hue TAN
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Sinking letters SOS
Small songbird WREN
Subterfuge WILE
Tree fluid SAP
Wager BET
Washington city TACOMA
Writer Follett KEN