Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 24 2012

Clues Answers
'Not -- dare!' ONA
'The Matrix' hero NEO
'What -- now?' ISIT
'What a shame!' TOOBAD
34-Across, in Mexico TIA
According to PER
Assess RATE
Burning ONFIRE
Burro ASS
Citrus garnishes ZESTS
Cut down HEW
David Cameron, for one TORY
Drench SOAK
Elm offering SHADE
Glib talk JIVE
Handed over CEDED
Highway ramp EXIT
Hoe target WEED
Huck's pal TOM
Judy's daughter LIZA
Keenness EDGE
Longing URGE
Lunch hour NOON
Many a time OFT
Mercury, for one PLANET
Nick and Nora's dog ASTA
Notion IDEA
Clues Answers
Painter Dix OTTO
Parsley serving SPRIG
Partly: Prefix QUASI
Physics topic MATTER
Pickle buy JAR
Pig's place STY
Pindar poems ODES
Plus AND
Pol's concern IMAGE
Purr producer CAT
Regarding ASTO
Reunion attendee AUNT
Robust quality HARDINESS
Santa --, California ANA
School no-no TARDINESS
Shades HUES
Small workers ANTS
Solitary sort LONER
Somewhat ABIT
Speech copy TEXT
Spicy buds CLOVES
Subordinate to UNDER
Substance MEAT
Sun setting SKY
Throws away SCRAPS
Town center SQUARE
Traffic circle ROTARY