Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 4 2012

Clues Answers
1999 Anthony Hopkins movie TITUS
Affectionate TENDER
Annoyed IRKED
Belt setting WAIST
Breathing organ LUNG
Browser button HOME
Candle base TALLOW
Cat coat FUR
CIA workers AGENTS
Clip contents AMMO
Columbus' home OHIO
Cranberry pests FIREWORMS
Cry of surprise OHO
Database option SORT
Deuce beater TREY
Dreadful HORRID
Equip RIG
Fall guy STOOGE
Fall mo OCT
Flat floater RAFT
Gift from Santa TOY
Glistening SHINY
Gobi setting ASIA
Huron neighbor ERIE
Independence Day show FIREWORKS
Italia's capital ROMA
Clues Answers
Kids' card game WAR
Ladder step RUNG
Large lizard IGUANA
Letter after sigma TAU
Letter before sigma RHO
Low digit ONE
Manor head LORD
Manual reader USER
Melville captain AHAB
Meter or liter UNIT
Next to ALONG
Novelist Kobo ABE
Painter Cassatt MARY
Pay to play ANTE
Permit ALLOW
Pigeon perch LEDGE
Possesses HAS
Singing group TRIO
Smell ODOR
Some whiskeys RYES
Take wing FLY
Trampled TROD
TV spots ADS
Valiant one HERO
Worries FRETS
Young man LAD