The Guardian - Quick crossword No 12,994 - Jan 2 2012

Clues Answers
Boy's name NIGEL
Capital of Manitoba WINNIPEG
Courage GUTS
Cupid's Greek alternative EROS
Electrical device — old warhorse CHARGER
English county YORKSHIRE
Fanned condor (anag) — unfortunate soldiery? CANNONFODDER
Fearsome SCARY
First day of Lent ASHWEDNESDAY
Gestures used by the deaf SIGNLANGUAGE
Clues Answers
Have a tantrum THROWAWOBBLY
Inadequate payment PITTANCE
Non-boarding pupils at a boarding school DAYGIRLS
Poor you! DIDDUMS
Setback BLOW
Small wooded hollow DINGLE
Table service DINNERSET
Very little chap of English folklore TOMTHUMB
Very little fish MINNOW
Very little tree BONSAI
£1 (slang) NICKER