Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 21 2011

Clues Answers
'Republic' writer PLATO
-- loss ATA
Alludes to CITES
Bailiwick AREA
Bike part TIRE
Bus. card abbr. TEL
Castle rings MOATS
Chef's need OVEN
Crew activity ROADWORK
Cut drastically AXE
Departed WENT
Disrobes PEELS
Elevator booth CAR
Exit indicator, e.g. ROADSIGN
Fancy wheels LIMO
Golfer Norman GREG
Harvests REAPS
Journey by auto ROADTRIP
Kilt pattern PLAID
King or queen CARD
Louver piece SLAT
Marquee name STAR
Mexican gold ORO
On the schedule SLATED
Clues Answers
Pindar poem ODE
Possess HAVE
Purse part STRAP
Reading aids LAMPS
Rigging support SPAR
Robin snacks WORMS
Rocket top NOSE
Scribe's stain INKSPOT
Seafood choice SHRIMP
Singer McEntire REBA
Small bills ONES
Some turkeys TOMS
Sonora snack TAMALE
Through VIA
Tiny bit IOTA
Touring troupe ROADSHOW
Truisms AXIOMS
Try out TEST
Valiant one HERO
Vine growth TENDRIL
Wall Street whiz ARB
Window part PANE
Word from the pews AMEN