Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 17 2011

Clues Answers
'Exodus' hero ARI
'Terrible' age TWOS
Addition column ONES
All set READY
Amorous archer EROS
Appeared SEEMED
Attacks involving ladders ESCALADES
Bender TEAR
Bizarre ODD
Break off SECEDE
Brewskis BEERS
Daring acts ESCAPADES
Destroyed RUINED
Devilfish RAY
Dove sound COO
Dumbo's wings EARS
Engine need OIL
Fishing gear TACKLE
Follow ENSUE
Garden aid HOSE
Gaza org. PLO
Georgia, once: Abbr. SSR
Gingery cookies SNAPS
Ham's dad NOAH
Hen pen COOP
Clues Answers
Highway sight AUTO
Indulgent LAX
Is inquisitive ASKS
Lounge attire ROBE
Maggie Q TV series NIKITA
Make eights, maybe ICESKATE
March symbol SHAMROCK
Miranda circles it URANUS
Notion IDEA
Perfect place EDEN
Plant anew RESOW
Pool need CUE
Press need INK
Put in office ELECT
Resistance units OHMS
Rust and the like OXIDES
Sawmill machine PLANER
Ship wood TEAK
Shipping inquiry TRACER
Soup sphere PEA
Spiked club MACE
Staple gun's cousin TACKER
Texas town LAREDO
Urgent call SOS
Web sites? ATTICS